Cotton Tree Mango Body Butter Review

Hey Everyone!

So finally getting down to writing my first ever review… so exciting!!

Summer is just about starting and like every year without fail, my obsession with fruit scented products begins! I’ve just got back from the supermarket and thought I’d try a new body moisturiser. I can get quite lazy at times with my body moisturising routine, but as I fake tan quite a bit (I’m as white as a ghost, can’t tan, and live in an-all-year-round summer island…not a good combination!) I definitely need to keep up the moisturising to avoid getting my fake tan all flakey and disgusting!

So, I initially went for a much higher priced option, but then came across this product as the flavour caught my eye and it was also very well priced. For 200g at €2.48, I didn’t think it was bad at all – much less than the more well known brands that’s for sure.

Scent: So firstly, the smell….oh my god! There was also raspberry and coconut available which both smelt amazing, but this one was my favourite. The scent is strong, yet not irritating and true to the flavour – mango. An absolutely delicious smell!

Texture: The texture is very rich and creamy, however it blends in easily and quite quickly and does not feel too heavy or clogging on your skin. It’s not super light either though, however it’s a body butter and not just a body moisturiser so that’s expected.

Cost: As I mentioned before, I thought it was very good value for money. A decent sized tub, 200g at €2.48 is to me, a good buy.

Verdict: I like this product a lot! It makes my skin feel smooth and silky and gives off a nice pleasant smell even once it has been applied.

Would like to see how it helps with prolonging my tan… however so far, very satisfied!


Cotton Tree Mango Body Butter

This is what the product looks like. Standard packaging really but don’t really expect much more for the price.


Cotton Tree Mango Body Butter

This is what it looks like once opened – has a second plastic cover on the inside making it more secure and keeping the product in place.


Cotton Tree Mango Body Butter

This is what the product looks on the skin. As you can see it’s a nice thick, creamy consistency that blends in well once spread.

Hope you all found this review helpful! Have you purchased this product too? Let me know what you think about it or if you know of any other similar products!

Looking for a different kind of body moisturiser?

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