Jordana Blushes Review

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Lately I’ve been going through a bit of a blush madness phase! So, in the next few days I’ll be reviewing various blushes that I’ve bought recently.

Today I’m going to be talking to you about the Jordana powder blushes: Super affordable and great quality, these are definitely a range of blushes that you should try out!

I got these blushes from and at approximately €2.00 for each, I decided to try out 5 different colours.

Below is just a picture of what the blushes look like:

Packaging: Each blush comes in a silver plastic container with a transparent lid that twists on.  The packaging is quite standard, but I wouldn’t really expect much more for the price of the product itself. I personally don’t really like a lid that twists – not very convenient if you’re in a hurry as it closes unevenly if you’re in a rush. However it’s quite a secure and sturdy packaging so it does the job.

Jordana Blushes

Jordana Powder Blushes – Packaging

Jordana Blushes

Jordana Powder Blushes Close-up

Shades – From left to right

Sandalwood (Number 33): A pale peachy toned matte blush that’s perfect for a subtle glow. Easy to apply and will look natural no matter how much you put on. Best for pale to medium toned skin as it might not show up too well on darker skin tones.

Tawny Beige (Number 14): A slightly darker version of Sandalwood with a hint of mauve and slight glitter in it. Again, this is also easy to apply and gives off a natural look.

Coral Sandy Beach (Number 38): A beautiful matte coral shade. This would look great on fair to medium skin tones.

Rouge (Number 17): A gorgeous matte medium-barbie pink that’s bright but not too flashy. Gives off a great subtle pinky healthy glow.

Blushing Rose (Number 37): An amazing colour for Autumn and Winter, this berry toned blush will look good on all skin tones. Contains slight glitters giving it a subtle pearly shine.

Scent: All these blushes have a very subtle smell. Can’t really make out what it is however it’s quite pleasant and is so mild that it is hardly noticeable. Great if you’re not too keen on strong smelling face products.

Texture: A powder blush that’s also quite creamy in consistency. All blushes are quite pigmented however can be applied easily without getting too much on at one go.

Cost: The price for these will vary depending from where you get them, however they will always be extremely reasonable. I can’t find them in any shops where I live so I got them from where they were around €2 each – a great bargain!

Verdict:  Definitely a range of blushes that are worth trying. The range is quite large (from what I saw online) and the different shades available are quite varied and guaranteed to suit most skin tones.

What are your favourite Jordana blushes? Tried any that are similar to these but not mentioned? Let me know! 🙂

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