MAC Blushes Review

Hey Everyone!

Back again with another blusher review! This time with one of my favourite make up brands – MAC!

The shades I have in my collection are the below:

MAC Blushes - Packaging

MAC Blushes – Packaging

MAC Blushers

MAC Blushers

Top Row, Left to right:  Well Dressed (Satin), Poeny Petal (Satin), Rosy Outlook (Pro Longwear) and Fleur Power (Satin).

Bottom Row, Left to right: Coppertone (Matte), Warm Soul (Mineralise Blush) and Frankly Scarlet (Matte).

Packaging: A Secure and compact packaging which is made up of a round plastic container. The lid that lifts upright is transparent so it’s easy to determine the shade, as well as being easy to open quickly. All blushes have the shade name and number listed on the base of the packaging. The only downside is that they do take up a lot of space if you have limited storage space, however these can always be depotted and placed in a Z palette or else, refills can be purchased instead and placed inside a MAC palette.


Top Row, Left to right:

Well Dressed (Satin): A pale, dusty pink. This would look just beautiful on fair skin as it gives a nice healthy glow.

Poeny Petal (Satin): A bright barbie pink that’s not over the top. Very pigmented and would look great on many skin tones.

Rosy Outlook (Pro Longwear): A pale peachy colour that’s highly pigmented. Would look best on fair skin as its quite a light colour and might not show up too well on darker skin tones.

Fleur Power (Satin): A dusty medium-toned pink which would look really good on most skin tones.

Bottom Row, Left to right:

Coppertone (Matte): A medium-toned peachy colour that looks lighter than it appears in the pan. Very beautiful for a subtle glow or a light bronzing effect.

Warm Soul (Mineralise Blush): A beautiful shimmery peachy bronze colour that would suit most skin tones.

Frankly Scarlet (Matte): A deeply pigmented red-toned blusher. This would suit all skin tones but use a light hand to apply it if you’re fair skinned.

Scent:  Very faint and mild which is great as it is a face product. Seems to have a typical powdery smell which isn’t that nice however as it’s very mild it’s not noticeable at all, unless you really put an effort into smelling the blusher… but why would you? 😉

Texture: This varies depending on the type of finish the blusher is:

– The Mineralize blushes look like a baked blush as they are curved in shape rather than flat like the others. They are  soft and smooth in texture.

– The Pro Longwear blusher is extra smooth, silky and feels very fine when swatched.

– The Satin blushers are also very smooth however not as much as the Pro Longwear ones. They also have very fine lines at the surface.

– Lastly, the Matte blushers are also quite soft in texture but feel dryer than the others making it feel harsher when compared to them. These also have very fine lines on the surface of the product.

Cost: Unfortunately these don’t come cheap, however they are not the most high end blushes out there. I’d say they fall somewhere in between the high end blushes and the drug store ones. At this moment in time, the powder blushes are about €22 each, and the mineralize and pro longwear blushes at €25. That being said, these can sometimes be found cheaper from

Are they worth the money? The blushes are all of a very good quality and are definitely very long lasting. What’s also great about them is that the range of colours is extremely extensive so you’re bound to find any shade you want. That being said, I would say that if you really do love make up and blusher, then yes they are worth it. If you’re not too bothered with very specific shades then a less expensive brand might be better for you.

Verdict: Beautiful blushes that come in a very vast range of colours, and they last well throughout the day (provided you’re not always touching your face!) as they are all quite pigmented. Definitely a must have in any one’s collection, however I recommend you do look well at the whole range before you buy and go for a shade that’s unusual or not found in most collections – take advantage of what’s available!

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4 thoughts on “MAC Blushes Review

  1. I lurve blushes. I’m going through your old posts to see all of your blush goodies!
    I have quite the collection of MAC blushes too – they’re just such good quality (for the most part) and offer a huge variety of colours and finishes.
    Sadly for me, one of my favourite MAC blushes is from a Limited Edition – hate that! (prim & Proper from Libery of London collection)

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