NARS Blushes Review

Hey Everyone!

Time for another blush review 🙂

I’d been hearing a lot about NARS blushes lately on YouTube and decided to give them a go. I started out with the all-popular Orgasm Nars blusher, and then ended up trying a couple of others, leading to six in total.

Packaging: I just love the Nars blush packaging! It’s small and compact (about the size of your palm) so it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space, and has a nice smooth matte feel to it that feels luxurious. The only downside is that it gets very dirty really quickly. That being said, stains are quite easy to wipe off. The container had a lid that lifts upright and has a thin plastic film on top of the blush itself. The blush name is listed at the bottom.


Nars Blush Packaging

Nars Blush Packaging

Nars Blushes

Nars Blushes

 Blushers; Left to Right:

Top Row: Madly and Douceur

Middle Row: Luster and Sin

Bottom Row: Orgasm and Outlaw

Madly: A beautiful pale peachy shade with a slight hint of glitter. As it’s not too dark this would look best on fair to medium toned skin.

Douceur: A bit darker than Madly, with more of a pink undertone and is completely matt. Perfect for fair and medium skin tones.

Luster: A pearl-shimmery light pink blush that gives a beautiful warm glow to light and medium skin tones.

Sin: Just a gorgeous and beautiful medium toned plum colour with a slight shimmer. This would be perfect for Autumn and Winter looks, and would look great on all skin tones. A unique and original colour that’s a must have!

Orgasm: We’ve all heard of this blush before! A high shimmer, bright pink blush that would look good on most skin tones.

Outlaw: A deep, medium toned blush with a slight shimmer. Perfect for a natural flushed look and suits all skin tones.

Scent: A slightly perfumed blush that a bit floral, yet not irritating.

Texture: All soft and smooth blushes with very faint ridges on the surface. Can leave a bit of fall-out on the edges of the pan, but not too much to get things messy.

Cost: Unfortunately, these are quite high on the price range. Averaging about €28 per blusher (4.8g) they definitely are  a luxury (prices do vary online though). That being said, they are of a very good quality and stay on very well throughout the day. May be worth really looking into the best shades for you before you make a purchase to ensure it’s a good one. A shade such as Sin would be great to try out if you’re looking for an original colour and like plum shades.

Verdict: Although a bit pricey, I feel that these are definitely worth the hype. These powder blushes are all extremely pigmented and have a high staying on powder. That being said, do try out a couple of shades and determine whether or not you want shimmer in your blush as most of these have some in them. They’re beautiful, gorgeous colours that are not easy to replicate and worth having at least one or two in your collection!

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4 thoughts on “NARS Blushes Review

  1. I know Nars blushes are a cult favourite but I’m just “meh” about them. I had Orgasm but gave it away because it was such a glittery nightmare! Now I only have Madly and Luster which are both fine but I don’t reach for them that often. I went hunting for Douceur when I heard it was being discontinued but then I realized it was identical to Benefit Dallas which I own and like, so I passed on it. I may try a matte blush shade from Nars and see how I get on with it. Great review! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much 🙂 So nice of you to go through my older posts 🙂 I realllllly love Nars blushes, but I have to say that I was really disappointed with Orgasm. I didn’t find it anything special at all. I think people just made a fuss about it because of the name loll. Luster is nice and Douceur is very pretty – good that you found a dupe 🙂 Madly is one of my all-time favourites though! What’s your favourite blush brand so? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Favourite blush brand. That question doesn’t compute! I’ll say favourite blush brandS, how about that? I love: Illamasqua, Cargo, MAC, Shu Uemura, Estee Lauder, Shiseido… unfortunately I haven’t found a drugstore blush I really like. Well, maybe except for Milani. They’re decent. 🙂 What are your favourites?

        Liked by 1 person

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