Cleansing with Aloe Vera Juice

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We’ve all heard of cleansing our bodies before. The different amount of concoctions and methods available are just endless and this can make it seem like quite a daunting thing to do. Yet, cleansing need not be complicated or a time consuming affair and can easily fit in with your daily routine if need be. Just by adding a few teaspoons of pure Aloe Vera Juice in your daily water consumption is a great way to get started. You may also try adding sliced lemon.

Overall, when it comes to health products, the simpler they are, the better. Take a look at the ingredients list. Is it full of words you can’t pronounce? Chances are then it’s highly likely that it’s full of stuff you shouldn’t be consuming in the first place. Keep things simple and pure as possible.

Pure Aloe Vera Juice (not to be confused with the ready mixed sweet Aloe Vera drinks found in most supermarkets that are full of empty calories, sugar and additives) is great for so many different reasons when it comes to your health and can easily be found from any health food store. Below are some of the benefits:

  • Cleansing & Detoxing: A natural and gentle way of detoxing as it is cleansing and contains numerous essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Improves Digestion:  Aloe Vera naturally eases your digestive system thereby helping to improve regularity.
  • Boosts the Immune System: Due to the anti oxidants it contains, it helps to fight off free radials found in the body, thereby strengthening your body as a whole.
  • Alkalises your Body: This is so beneficial as maintaining an environment that is alkaline is an important step in keeping diseases and illnesses at bay as these thrive in acidic environments.
  • Aids in Weight Loss: A natural diuretic that helps to eliminate toxins and improve regularity may also bring about with it a slight increase in weight loss. This also aids in reducing water retention.

There are other benefits that come along with drinking Aloe Vera, however these are the main ones that convinced me to give it a go. I was also quite curious to see what effect it would have on me if I actually drank it, as I had already heard a lot about the benefits of applying it directly on the skin for burns. So, I decided to give it a go:

  • Packaging: A standard 200ml green bottle with a screw lid at the top. This is just the one I used – there are loads available on the market. Just take a look at the ingredients list to see what exactly you’re getting.
ESI Aloe Vera Juice

ESI Aloe Vera Juice

Use: 25ml (1 cap full), 4 times a day. This can be quite strong if you are not accustomed to the taste so just start off with less and build up slowly.

Smell: Ok, I have to admit, the smell is not great. That being said, this can easily be avoided by not smelling the liquid straight from the bottle. Just pour, drink and keep in mind you’re doing this for you health – see the bigger picture!

Taste: Not the most pleasant of tastes but that is just the natural taste of Aloe Vera itself and I promise it does get better with time. Start off by just adding 1 teaspoon in a 200ml glass of water. Once you get accustomed to that, slowly increase the quantity per glass if you wish. See what works best for you.

Cost: This bottle is about €10.80 which may seem a bit expensive, however, given that only small quantities of the product is needed daily, it does last for quite a long time (approx. 6-8 weeks). So keeping this in mind and the benefits you get from it, I’d give this a thumbs up.

A word of caution: Yes this is a natural product, however nothing is without side effects. Firstly, always follow the correct dosage and carry out further research or get professional advice if in doubt or if you are taking any medication. As it can behave like a mild diuretic, one may experience an electrolyte imbalance if taken in excess. Do not consume if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Verdict: Aloe Vera may not taste incredible, yet it is a product that I continue to buy repeatedly. If taken with a good amount of water (2-3 litres) throughout the day, I notice that my digestive system improves considerably, which in turn, is detoxifying and cleansing my body naturally. It might make you need to urinate more than usual, but that’s good news: your body is eliminating toxins. A great product that I will keep continuing to buy.

What do you do to detox sensibly?

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