MAC Lipsticks: Neutral Shades

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Today, I’m going to be going into detail on my ultimate favourite lipstick brand, MAC! I have gone crazy over lipstick for as long as I can remember but I always used to find it quite difficult to find the exact shade and finish that was just right for me, so when I found MAC lipsticks, I never went back!

Over the years, I’ve build up quite a collection of these, and today I’ll be letting you know all about the neutral MAC shades that I own.

The nudes that I’ve got are both brown and pink based:

  • Half n’ Half, Jubilee, Shy Girl & Myth – Brown Nudes
MAC Neutral Lipsticks

MAC Neutral Lipsticks: L-R, Half n’ Half, Jubilee, Shy Girl & Myth


MAC Neutral Lipsticks

MAC Neutral Lipsticks: L-R, Half n’Half, Jubilee, Shy Girl & Myth


MAC Neutral Lipsticks: L-R, Half n' Half, Jubilee, Shy Girl & Myth

MAC Neutral Lipsticks: L-R, Half n’ Half, Jubilee, Shy Girl & Myth

Left to right:

Half ‘n Half (Amplified finish): Looks like a mid-toned peach/brown colour however when applied it is quite neutral and looks very natural. If you have fair skin like me, this will be on the darker side of the neutral spectrum range – sort of like your natural lip colour but a little deeper. It’s an amplified formula so it’s very pigmented and creamy, and will last a reasonable amount of time on your lips. This would look beautiful on all skin tones.

Jubilee (Lustre finish)Looks extremely similar in colour to Half ‘n Half however it is actually a lot lighter when applied on the lips. This is a beautiful earthy-toned neutral colour with a hint of peach. As it’s a lustre formula it is not very pigmented and would need a couple of re applications. This would suit most skin tones.

Shy Girl (Cremesheen finish)An absolutely gorgeous natural peachy shade with a slight shimmer. This is another one of my favourites and looks great on fair to medium skin tones. The perfect Spring and Summer colour that instantly makes an impact when you wear it. It’s a cremesheen fomula so it is very creamy however will not stay on too long.

Myth (Satin finish)A gorgeous pale peachy-pink shade that’s perfect with a smokey eye. This might make most people look washed out, especially if you are very fair, therefore it might be a good idea to pair it up with another colour. I like to use this to tone down colours that are a bit too bright for a certain time of day. So I’ll apply it over a bright blue-toned pink like MAC Saint Germain if I want a more subtle look. Beautiful colour but you might need to be a bit careful of how to wear it. It’s a satin finish so it will last a good amount of time on the lips.

Blankety, Pure Zen, Angel & Creme Cup – Pink Nudes

MAC Neutral Lipsticks

MAC Neutral Lipsticks: L-R, Blankety, Pure Zen, Angel & Creme Cup

MAC Neutral Lipsticks: Blankety, Pure Zen, Angel & Creme Cup

MAC Neutral Lipsticks: Blankety, Pure Zen, Angel & Creme Cup


MAC Neutral Lipsticks: L-R, Half n' Half, Jubilee, Shy Girl & Myth

MAC Neutral Lipsticks: L-R, Half n’ Half, Jubilee, Shy Girl & Myth

Blankety (Amplified finish)Looks like a light pinky-brown colour, but when applied it is actually quite pink toned, however the shade is quite toned down. This is one of my favourite nudes, and just looks great on most skin tones. If you are quite dark though, this might make you look a bit washed out unless you put a darker lip liner underneath. It’s an amplified formula so it’s highly pigmented and very creamy.

Pure Zen (Cremesheen finish)A beautiful natural salmon pink shade that’s flattering on most skin tones. For a neutral tone, it’s not too dark and not too light so it’s a perfect for many different looks. It has a very slight shimmer to it and is also quite creamy in consistency as it is a cremesheen formula. Love this one!

Angel (Frost finish)Probably one of the most well-known MAC lipsticks due to being known as one of Kim Kardashian’s favourite MAC lipsticks. This was actually my first MAC lipstick as I had heard so much about it an it’s a colour that you cannot really go wrong with. A warm-toned pink shade that looks good on many skin tones as also goes very well with a smokey eye or else just a natural overall makeup look. It’s a frost finish, yet funnily enough not very frosty! As is it a frost finish it would need to be re applied a few times. Beautiful classic pink colour.

Creme Cup (Cremesheen finish)Another very popular pink MAC shade and another one of my favourites. A gorgeous light pink colour that’s very natural and another one that’s great for a smokey eye. Very subtle and natural and looks good on many skin tones. A cremesheen formula so it’s creamy and smooth to apply but will need a few re applications.

Read more about MAC Lipstick Finishes.


Packaging: I really like the packaging of MAC lipsticks. It’s simple yet smooth, sophisticated, compact and not bulky. The silver rim with MAC written in silver also make it look quite high-end.

Scent: In my opinion, MAC lipsticks smell great. Their scent is not overpowering at all and has a hint of vanilla in it. Delicious for your lips!

Texture: This depends on the finish of the lipstick as mentioned above with the shade range. However, overall I find they they are all quite smooth and creamy, even if they are matte. I’ve heard that matte lipstick Ruby Woo is quite drying and hard to apply, but out of all the matte lipsticks I have, I find no problem at all. As a general rule of thumb, matte lipsticks stay on the longest, followed  by amplified and satins, then glazes, frosts, lustre and cremesheen. The more moisturising it is, the faster it comes off, and the more drying it is, the longer it stays on. However, applying a good lip liner over the entire lip will help any lipstick stay on longer.

Cost: Unfortunately MAC lipsticks are always going up in price! You can get these for about €18.50 from their website and stores, however other ranges (Sheen Supreme and Mineralize Rich Lipstick) may be more expensive. That being said, if it’s a shade that you just love, I think it would be worth just having one or two in your collection. If your budget is a bit tight then just ensure that you’re getting a great shade that’s not easily found in the less expensive brands.

Verdict: I think it’s obvious that I just love MAC lipsticks! I find their colour range so varied, it’s impressive! You are guaranteed to find a bunch of shades that will look fantastic on you no matter what skin tone you have. The only downside is that there is just so much choice that it can be quite overwhelming when you go into the MAC store or else look at the shades online (which unfortunately do not always look like the real thing). Hopefully this has given you a better idea of what would be best for you when you come to buying. Definitely a must have in any make up collection!

What’s your favourite MAC nude shade?

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