Protein Cookies

We all crave a cookie or a sweet treat once in a while right?

It is always really so sinful? Eating sugary treats occasionally and in moderation is not a bad thing, however the simple sugars found in such treats make your blood sugar levels spike up and then come crashing down, which only makes you want more and more. Also, let’s not forget about all the saturated fats and empty calories that are present in such snacks.

So when was the last time you had just one cookie?

If you are one of the few people that can just stop at one, that’s really something to rejoice about. Well done! Sadly, however, the majority of us seem to struggle with this. This is not to say that such people lack will-power or are weak; it is the effect that the quickly-absorbed sugar has on us as it rapidly enters our bloodstream. This is why we hear about combining simple sugars with proteins – it slows down the absorption of the food in our bodies and makes us less likely to binge. So instead of eating white crackers on their own (simple carbs), you pair them up with some cream cheese (dairy) and ham (protein).

This is where protein cookies come in the picture. As a former sugar addict, I am now more able to manage my cravings, and this is not due to increased discipline, but rather, a healthier approach to food management and exercise.

Today, I’ll be letting you know all about MyProtein Cookies that I came across on** (These can also be purchased directly from MyProtein ). I believe that every once in a while it is ok to indulge, and sticking to 100% healthy and natural alternatives like fruit may not always be satisfying.

Being a lover of cookies, but also my health and waistline, I decided to give these a go and see what result I would get. For my first try, I opted for the White Chocolate Almond flavour. There’s also Double Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Mint. Yum!

Packaging: 12 sachets of 75g cookies each in a sturdy cardboard box as seen below. These arrived quite fast (about 5 days) and were packaged securely.

Protein Cookies

MyProtein Cookie – Packaging

Protein Cookies

MyProtein Cookie – White Chocolate Almond Flavour

Smell: A pleasant and subtle smell of vanilla and cookie dough.

Texture: Very soft; in fact these cookies cannot be broken, but rather they are easily bent. That being said they are not crumbly.

Taste (White Chocolate Almond Flavour): Overall quite good. They didn’t have that distinct whey-powdery taste that you get with most protein bar snacks. They have a slight chewiness to them, but not too much as they melt in your mouth relatively fast. That being said the white chocolate is a bit faint, probably due to the almond flavour, which is the only thing I am not too keen on. The almond is a bit overpowering and is an almond essence flavour and not a natural one at all.

Nutritional Information: At 317 calories a piece these are quite hefty! However they are 75g which is quite large. Depending on whether this is a meal replacement, a substantial snack or an indulgent treat, it’s your call to make on how to consume this. If I am desperate for something sweet then half a cookie is usually enough for me, however if I am rushing and don’t have time for a proper snack then I will take a whole one. Fit it in with your daily calories.

Also one cookie has a whopping 37.5g of protein. That’s nearly double a 24oz rib eye steak with nearly half the calories*! Worth taking if you want to fill up fast. (*Source: Wikipedia: Steak Nutritional Facts)

However, do not let the term protein cookies fool you. This does not mean that the cookie just has no carbohydrates; it simply implies that there is a high amount of protein. Carbohydrates are still present with 19.55g per cookie. For the size of the cookie, that’s quite a reasonable amount.

Cost: At €22.84 a pack, I wouldn’t say it’s a cheap product, however when it comes to whey protein snacks, it is quite normal as generally these seem to be anywhere between €1-€2 a bar. So at €1.90 each (keep in mind that shipping is included in the price), it’s relatively ok. Obviously this depends on how often you go through a pack!

Verdict: I like these a lot. The taste is good, only downside being the strong almond essence taste of this particular flavour. I’ll definitely be trying out the other flavours though. They do the job of satisfying my sweet craving without making me go crazy for more. One does the trick! Filling and satisfying, a good buy for me.

Other Uses: These need not only be taken to reduce sweet cravings but also are a good way of increasing your daily protein intake or taken after a workout for recovery.

**I purchased these from this website as I have been buying from them for years and have always been very satisfied with their service. They have a great product range and I always receive my packages relatively fast. As a bonus, their customer care is fantastic. MyProtein also offer international delivery so it’s definitely worth looking into as they have a very extensive product range.

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