Zoeva & the Sun Power Blush Palette

I love blushers! Along with lipsticks, they’re my favourite make up product to buy as they both dramatically transform any look.

For me, blushers were always a favourite as I am quite pale and I needed a cheek colour to bring me back to life! That being said, even when I am tanned, I feel the need for a blusher as I always go for a full coverage make up look, so blush is essential to add some colour and dimension.

As the years have gone by, I always bought separate blushers as I felt this was the best option to get a good quality blush. That is until I came across Zoeva.

This make up company is just fantastic! It’s German and has the coolest make up palettes ever! Their pricing is also on point, and their packaging is fantastic. Speedy delivery, good quality and choice – there’s not really anything negative that I can say.

The only comment I would make is that the range of certain make up, like lipstick and base make up is a bit limited. However, their make up brushes are absolutely incredible (review on that soon), and their eyeshadow and blusher range is fantastic! They offer worldwide shipping so check them out at https://www.zoeva-shop.de/en/

Zoeva Package

Zoeva Package

I bought the Sun Power Blush Palette, amongst other things which I’ll let you know about in future posts. This is just to give you an idea of the way things are packaged. I was pleasantly surprised, it looked so designer and high quality. Loved it! There was also a card inserted that mentioned the names of the people that compiled and packed my package. A nice personal touch 🙂

Zoeva Sun Flower Blush Palette

Zoeva Sun Power Blush Palette

Packaging: This is the Sun Power Blush Palette – A 30g sturdy palette that’s sleek, matte black and slim. Simple but elegant packaging that holds securely inside it 10 blusher shades. Love this! The palette itself is wrapped in a plastic bag and comes inside a cardboard box, and a thin plastic film is found on top of the blushers themselves.

Powder Blush Shades: There are no colour names for these so I’ll review each one as seen below:  

Top rowleft to right

1. A pale rose-gold/champagne colour with shimmer that would look perfect as a subtle highlighter.

2. An intense shimmery bronze colour which would be best used as a bronzer or to add some warmth to the face. This is heavily pigmented so it needs to be used with a light hand.

3. A beautiful matte terracotta colour. Can be used as a blush and even for contouring.

4. This is a deep coral colour with a slight shimmer to it.

5. A vibrant coral blush with a slight shimmer.

Zoeva Sun Flower Blush Palette

Zoeva Sun Power Blush Palette

Bottom row, left to right:

1. A beautiful deep coral with red pigments in it. Highly pigmented so also needs to be used carefully.

2. A gorgeous peachy blush with a hint of shimmer in it.

3. A matte gold colour that would be beautiful also as a bronzer.

4. A highly intense deep coral shade that’s just striking!

5. A beautiful pigmented bright hot pink blush.

Scent: You don’t really smell the blushers when you are applying them, however if you smell the blushers in the palette you get in hint of a plastic like smell however that is due to the packaging itself and not the actual blush product.

Texture: A mixture of shimmer and matte blushes that don’t flake easily. You may find some blush fall-out coming off around the tray after a couple of uses but it’s not a large amount.

Cost: Ten shades for €17.50 is in my opinion a great buy. The shades are of a very good quality and are quite varied. Also, as mentioned earlier, two can even be used as a bronzer (shimmer and matte) and another as a highlighter so it’s multi-functional. Well worth buying I’d say, especially when you compare to the cost of just one high-end blusher (approx €20), to which the quality of this is pretty close to that.

Verdict: I love this! I love having all my blushers grouped together as it’s a lot easier, especially if I am getting ready in a hurry. There’s a good choice of colours for many skin tones and these come in both matte and shimmer shades so it should be relatively easy to find what you want. They’re also quite neutral at the same time so they can be blended in easily and look good on different complexions. Also handy for travelling with it’s sleek packaging and reasonable size. A big thumbs up!

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