MAC Lipsticks: Dark Shades

What’s sexier than a dark sultry lip ?

If you’ve been following my MAC Lipsticks collection, you’ll have read all about MAC Neutral Lipstick Shades, MAC Mid-tone Lipsticks as well as MAC Bright Lipstick Shadesbut nothing beats a classic deep toned lipstick!

These are beautiful shades not only for Autumn or Winter, but for any event when you really want to make your lips the star of the show. Pair it up with a neutral eye and you’ve got the look.

The dark MAC lipstick shades that I have are the below:

MAC Dark Lipsticks: Diva, Russian Red, Plumful & Lady Danger

MAC Dark Lipsticks: Diva, Russian Red, Plumful & Lady Danger

Left to Right:

Diva (Matte Finish)This is one striking lipstick that’s just beautiful! A very deep toned berry colour that leaves a nice stain on the lips so your colour will look great even once the lipstick has come off. This would look gorgeous on all skin tones, however best to pair with a neutral eye as it’s quite a dark one. It’s a matte finish which means it will last quite long. Yet despite being matte, it’s still quite creamy and doesn’t dry up the lips.

Russian Red (Matte Finish): A super intense red colour that you just cannot go wrong with! This would also suit any skin tone. A classic colour that’s timeless. This is also another matte so will last ages but also doesn’t feel drying on the lips. Perfect!

Plumful (Lustre Finish): This colour is just gorgeous particularly for an Autumn look. A beautiful plum colour which would also suit most skin types. When swatched and on the lips it appears to be a lot lighter than how it looks in the packaging, however as a colour, is still quite intense. As it’s a lustre finish it won’t last as long as the matte types, and isn’t as pigmented (which is why it comes across as lighter) so you would need a few reapplications.

Lady Danger (Matte Finish): A gorgeous and intense orange toned red lipstick. I just love this one! Such a beautiful colour that looks great on everyone and definitely makes the lips pop. It’s extremely pigmented and creamy, despite being a matte finish. Beautiful colour that’s another great classic and a must-have in any collection!

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MAC Dark Lipsticks: Diva, Russian Red, Plumful & Lady Danger

MAC Dark Lipsticks: Diva, Russian Red, Plumful & Lady Danger


MAC Dark Lipsticks - Packaging

MAC Dark Lipsticks – Packaging

To read about what I think of MAC lipsticks in general, as well as my take on their packaging, scent, texture and cost, refer to my MAC Neutral Lipsticks review.

So, what’s your favourite sexy dark lip?

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