Deep Cleaning your Make up Brushes

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Today I’ll be writing all about deep cleaning your brushes. You can have the most amazing make up collection ever, but it’s not worth as much if you don’t look after the tools you use to apply it with!

I know cleaning your make up brushes is not the most exciting thing to do, but it’s really worth making time for it. Not only will your make up tools last longer (they aren’t cheap to begin with), but keeping them clean will lessen the chances of you spreading bacteria on your face, yuck!

So, let’s begin! There are two ways you can clean your brushes – deep cleaning to really get out all that stubborn dirt and spot cleaning which quickly sanitizes and takes off any excess product.

How often should you deep-clean your make up brushes? Well that all depends on how often you use them and how often you spot clean your brushes. If your brushes are used daily, I would deep clean the brushes about once a week.

If they are used every once in a while, then about every two weeks should be ok. You be the judge of how dirty your brushes look to you. Just take caution if you are sharing brushes as these would need to be cleaned more frequently.

So these are my filthy brushes – so embarrassing! I do admit that I can take a bit long to deep clean them at times… nobody’s perfect 🙂

Cleaning make up brushes

My dirty make up brushes

To deep clean my brushes I start out by filling a sink with some warm (not hot) water and add a few drops of anti bacterial hand soap to it. Any brand is fine really, I just personally like to use soap that are anti bacterial to really clean properly.

Cleaning make up brushes

Step 1: Prepare some lukewarm soapy water

Carefully dip the tip of the brush in the warm, soapy water. Do not completely immerse the brush in the water as this will loosen the glue and cause the brush hairs to fall out eventually. It’s important to never exceed the top part of the ferrule in water – so where the silver part ends and the brush handle begins.

Cleaning make up brushes

Step 2: Insert tip of brush in the soapy water

If the brush is really dirty I’ll add some more soap in the palm of my hand too. I then gentle swirl the brush in my palm to really make the soap get into the the bristles. By swirling the brush over your fingers you’re also using a bumpy surface that cleans deeper (like textured cleaning brush mitts).

Cleaning make up brushes

Step 3: Swirl brush in soap on your palm

Once you’ve really gotten the soap in there it’s time to rinse clean. In some cases you may need to repeat the process if the brush is really dirty.

Cleaning make up brushes

Step 4: Rinse in water and run under tap to clean further

Once all the soap is rinsed out, gently squeeze out any excess water and carefully wipe dry on a clean towel. Dry the bristles gently and avoid really scrubbing the brush dry.

Cleaning make up brushes

Step 5: Gently pat dry on a towel

Last step is to leave your brushes to dry naturally. Please don’t use a hair dryer! The hot air will damage the bristles – patience is key! You may leave your brushes to dry lying down, however it might be better to have them stood up in this way to ensure no water whatsoever seeps back in the brush and causes the glue to melt.

Personally, I like using brush guards as these keep the bristles neat and in shape. This however, may not always be necessary for brushes with synthetic hairs. You can easily find these on Ebay.

Cleaning make up brushes

Step 6: Place upright and facing downwards

Now your brushes are all nice and clean! Try limit the amount of intense deep cleaning that needs to be done by regularly spot cleaning your brushes.

So how often do you clean your brushes?

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