Spot Cleaning your Make up Brushes

You can own the most beautiful make up collection ever, but using dirty tools to apply it with will not give you the results you are looking for. Do take the time to take care of your make up tools and clean them regularly. Not only will this ensure they last even longer, but you will also get better results from them and also avoid break outs or transferring any nasty bacteria on to your face.

Spot cleaning your make up brushes is great to do on a daily basis or else every other day or so. This keeps your brushes fresh in between uses and also kills any bacteria as it sanitizes them too. Occasionally it’s important to deep clean your make up brushes as this really gets out all the accumulated make up and dirt out of them.

It’s important to note here that if you are sharing make up brushes then these need to be cleaned more frequently to avoid transferring any bacteria from one person to another.

To spot clean your make up brushes all you need is some make up brush cleaner and some thick tissue paper. Ideally thick kitchen paper is used as this will be able to withstand the movements of the brush as it is cleaned. Other cleaning paper, such as tissue paper or toilet paper is too soft and will easily tear and clump up into pieces and get into your brush. Alternatively, you may also use a cloth.

Spot Cleaning your Make up Brushes

My dirty setting brush

This is how I cleaned my under eye setting brush:

Spot Cleaning your Make up Brushes

Step 1: Spray brush cleaner on thick tissue paper

Put some brush cleaner on the thick tissue paper. There are quite a variety available, however the one I used here was one I got from Zoeva. I also have another from MAC . I’ll be writing about these as well as any others in future posts.

Spot Cleaning your Make up Brushes

Step 2: Gently wipe brush over the sprayed tissue paper

Immediately after you have put the brush cleaner on the thick tissue paper, gently start wiping the brush over the cleaner before it evaporates. To clean, wipe by dragging the sides of the brush – don’t attempt to stab your brush against the tissue to clean it 🙂 Gently does it!

Spot Cleaning your Make up Brushes

Step 3: Keep patting on paper until clean

Keep cleaning both sides until the make up has come off. In some cases you might need to add a bit more cleaner to the tissue. If the brush is extremely dirty and you do not have time to deep clean your brush then try adding a small amount of brush cleaner directly to the brush hairs and then pat off on the tissue paper.

Spot Cleaning your Make up Brushes

Clean setting brush!

Voila! Your make up brushes are now clean and rid of any dirt and bacteria!

So, how often do you spot clean your brushes?

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