Avon Solutions BB Cream

I’ve always been a foundation lover – I love a full, flawless coverage that will last me throughout the whole day. However, I recently decided to try out BB creams (otherwise known as Beauty Balms or Blemish Balms) and I am now in love!

I never thought that I would just such good results from these kind of creams. Somehow I always assumed they were similar to a tinted moisturiser – good for a bit of coverage but not with fantastic results. However, I’m really glad I gave them a go.

I’ve also noticed that ever since I’ve been using them as my daily base product, my skin has drastically improved (I’m prone to breakouts) and with powder on top, my look stays flawless all day.

So, here’s one that I’ve been using lately:

The Avon Solutions BB Cream

Avon Solutions BB Cream

Avon Solutions BB Cream

Packaging: A 30ml tube that comes with SPF 15 and is hypo-allergenic meaning that the product is kinder to your skin and is less likely to cause irritations or break outs.

Cost: I got this from my Avon representative for about €15.00 which is somewhat typical for a BB cream (usually they range between €10-€16, that being said then there are also the much higher priced ones) however, I then found this selling on Amazon Uk for €11.00 – so do check this out before you buy.

Range: The one I got was in ‘Light’, however they also have it in ‘Medium’.

Avon Solutions BB Cream

Avon Solutions BB Cream – Light

Scent: A lightly perfumed BB cream with a slight smell of sunblock in my opinion. However, it’s not irritating for me and the smell does go once its been applied on the skin.

Application: BB creams are applied in the same way as you would put on foundation – just after you have moisturised your skin, or even after putting on a primer if you wish. One difference though is that these need not be applied with a brush – the warmth of your finger tips is good enough as they are much lighter in consistency and coverage than a foundation. This however, is up to you.

Verdict: I really like this BB cream! It’s yellow based and gives a great coverage whilst also making the skin glow and look healthy. It covers blemishes and redness reasonably well and lasts for several hours. The light shade is also great for my pale skin in winter, however I would definitely need the medium for the summer.

The only downside is that the medium shade may still be too light for you if you have dark skin, however there are other brands that do offer a dark shade for BB creams. Alternatively, use a dark powder over the BB cream to add more colour.

Making your BB cream stay on longer: A primer does help, however personally, I love to set my BB cream with a powder. Besides making it stay on for longer, it also removes the shine from it. If you like a dewy look you’ll love this, however as I have combination skin, as the day goes by my t-zone does get a bit oily so I like to keep this under control by adding powder. Translucent powder is great if you love the shade, however if you want to darken it slightly, just use a darker shade of powder to add more colour.

A note on the side: BB creams do give good coverage however not as much as a full coverage foundation will. Personally, I like using BB creams for the day time. I love foundations but I do feel that my skin can breathe better with this and it’s looking much better. For evenings or special occasions, it may be best to use a foundation as this will give a better coverage. Also, if you have a lot of redness then you may still need to use your concealer.

So what do you prefer? Foundation or BB creams?

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