Zoeva Concealer & Corrector Palette

Make up is there to enhance your natural features, however the beauty of it, is also the ability to correct and conceal less than perfect skin. What a difference that makes!

Having flawless skin all the time is unfortunately very difficult for the most of us so a good concealer comes in handy every now and again.

I always used to buy various concealers – one the same colour of my skin, to conceal blemishes;  another, about 2 shades lighter than my skin, to highlight (in both cases, one for Summer and another for Winter). I also had a green one for redness and a purple one for dark circles. That’s a lot of concealer running about!

Then, I came across this – the Zoeva Concealer Palette. When I saw all the shades available in just one palette, I got all excited! Obviously, I had to try it out! No more buying multiple concealers – everything in just one palette. Perfect!

Zoeva Concealer & Corrector Palette

Zoeva Concealer & Corrector Palette

Packaging: A sturdy black matte palette that’s about 44.5g in weight. Closes securely and comes in a black carton box. Nice, sleek packaging but can get dirty with fingerprints quite easily. However, it’s easy to clean. The concealers are covered with a thin plastic film, and it also comes with a sleek concealer applicator brush.

Zoeva Concealer & Corrector Palette

Zoeva Concealer & Corrector Palette


Zoeva Concealer & Corrector Palette

Zoeva Concealer & Corrector Palette

Concealers: Check out all those shades! Amazing! There is something for everyone here.

Top Row (Large): These are the light shades which are great for people with extremely pale skin to conceal imperfections or else even to highlight the under eye area. From left to right, there is a mixture of pink (first two), yellow (third) and beige (fourth) based shades here, so there is great versatility for different skin tones.

Middle Row (Large): These are the medium shades that are also good for people with fair skin as well as darker/tanned complexions. Again, from left to right, the first two are pink based, the third shade is yellow based, and the fourth is more on a beige tone. If extremely pale, the beige tone concealer can also be used to contour.

Bottom Row (Large): These four shades are all great for darker skin tones to concealer, and for contouring with lighter skin. All are beautiful bronzed shades in different intensities.

There are also several smaller concealer shades here:

Light Purple: To neutralise yellow tones and to conceal darkness in the inner corner of the eye and for under eye circles.

White: For sharp highlighting.

Light Green: For reducing redness from blemishes, pigmentation, rosacea or sunburn.

Yellow: A light concealer for highlighting for yellow based skin tones and for neutralising dark under eye circles or veins.

Salmon Pink: Great for brightening the under eye area.

Orange: Great for neutralising cool tones in your skin, such as extreme under eye circle darkness. Perfect for people with olive and darker skin tones. Also helpful for adding a subtle glow to your complexion. For fair skin tones, it’s best to avoid or else just use it for contouring.

Medium Brown: A pink based concealer for highlighting for pale to medium tone skin.

Dark Brown: For defined contouring.

Cost: At this point in time this palette only costs €19.50. Shipping costs are excluded from this, however this varies from country to country and is quite reasonable overall. For 20 shades of concealer, that’s a fantastic deal, especially when compared to high end concealers where one concealer only can cost close to €30! Need I say more?!

Verdict: This palette is impressive. The range of shades offered are so varied that you are bound to find something for your skin type. It also offers certain shades that you might not have considered buying separately but are available for you to try out (green, purple, orange, salmon pink). Due to this, the concealing, correcting and contouring that you can do is endless.

The quality is also very good and they don’t crease much, particularly under the eyes – just be sure not to overdo it as they are quite thick. After some use, I did notice that the concealers seemed to dry up a bit and feel a bit flakey to the touch, however once applied on the skin, they were still creamy and blended in well.

Super palette! Definitely recommended if you want all your concealer shades conveniently in one place.

What concealer shade can’t you live without?

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