Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

A couple of weeks ago I discovered this delicious product – Protein Cookies.

These are great if you want a sweet treat but don’t want to take in all the unhealthy stuff that a typical candy bar has. Obviously these also must be consumed in moderation as they still have a good number of calories, however as they are very high in protein they also fill you up and stabilise your blood sugar levels making you feel satisfied and not craving more.

Take a look at my previous article for more information on the nutritional benefits of these Protein Cookies. Here, I’ll be telling you all about this flavour: double chocolate chip – yum!

MyProtein Double Chocolate Cookie

MyProtein Double Chocolate Cookie – Packaging

Ok, so who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, some people do (how?!) but it’s safe to say the majority of us love it. This is a great alternative to chocolate, cookies or cake that are full of saturated fat, sugar and a high amount of unhealthy calories.

This is quite an indulgent treat as it tastes very much like a brownie – it’s rich, dense and has a delicious chocolatey flavour with yummy chocolate chip pieces. It’s soft and chewy too – great for zapping those chocolate cravings!

So if you’re like me and adore chocolate, this might really help you when a chocolate attack strikes. As it’s high in protein, it’s also very filling so it can also be taken as a snack or dessert as part of your calorie-controlled diet plan. It’s also good to take after an intense workout to fuel your muscles for recovery.

MyProtein Double Chocolate Cookie

MyProtein Double Chocolate Cookie

These can be bought from various places but I got them from MyProteinThey offer shipping worldwide and have a fantastic and very extensive product range that’s worth taking a look at.

Have you tired these? Have they helped with managing cravings?

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