Rimmel BB Cream

I’m a big fan of BB creams – I find them perfect for a casual day look and are kind to your skin.

I’m currently using the Rimmel BB Cream 9-in-1 Skin Perfection Super Make Up and getting great results from it. These beauty balms offer a lot of things in 1 tube – they Prime, Moisturise, Minimise pores, Conceal, Cover, Smoothes, Mattifies, Brightens and helps protect the skin. What could you ask for more?

Sounds like a lot of promises though, so is it really true?

Personally, I’ve found that when using this BB cream, my skin has dramatically improved and my break outs have reduced. It makes my skin look healthy and youthful and provides a good coverage, whilst also allowing my skin to breathe.

So, here’s the Rimmel BB Cream (9-in-1):

Rimmel BB Cream

Rimmel BB Cream – Packaging (Medium)

Packaging: A 30ml tube, opening at the bottom. Contains SPF 25.

Cost: I got this off Amazon UK – the cost of the product, including shipping came to about €12.68 which is typical for BB creams from the shops in my area, however the cost without shipping is about €7.65 so that’s quite a difference! I’d recommend considering the shipping costs to your destination and comparing with the prices in your area before buying.

Range: This is one of the few BB creams I have come across that actually have quite a wide range of shades. In general, BB creams are usually found in two shades – Light and Medium. However, this can be found in Very Light, Light, Medium and Medium/Dark – great for all complexions and worth considering if you have a skin tone that is generally difficult to find a BB cream that works for you (BB creams are typically too light for many skin tones and too dark for very pale skin).

Rimmel BB Cream

Rimmel BB Cream – Packaging & Swatch (Medium)

Scent: A pleasant light smell that’s a bit floral and sweet when smelt directly from the tube. However this does not stay on once applied.

Verdict: This is one of my favourites for the Summer months – as you can see it is currently too dark for me (this is the medium shade) but in the Summer time it works perfectly for me and gives a nice healthy subtle glow.

This Medium shade would be great on people with slightly darker skin tone and perfect for those with pink based (cool) undertones.

Covers imperfections beautifully (although not as much as a medium to full coverage foundation will) and there is no need to use much concealer on blemishes as they are covered quite well with this.

As good as it is, I still feel the need to set it with a powder to avoid my face getting shiny after a couple of hours. However this is dependent on your skin type. Mine is a combination type so after a couple of hours there will be some shine which I do like to keep to a minimum.

So far this my favourite, and is my all time go-to BB cream!

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