Milk_Shake Glistening Argan Oil

We all want beautiful tresses, however even without wanting to, our hair is constantly being subjected to damage. Whether it’s the effect of the sun, cold winds, heat styling, colouring, bleaching, over brushing or too much product use – every once in a while, our hair could do with a good dose of love and care.

Whilst there are things we can do to care for our hair better – such as limiting heat styling or not brushing when wet – certain damage is still bound to occur. The best way to limit this is by ensuring that your hair is strong and healthy so that it will be more resilient to further damage.

One of the best ways of caring for your hair is by giving it moisture, which in turn, provides it with strength. If hair is dry and brittle, it will be more likely to break off.

This is where Milk_Shake’s Argan Oil comes in the picture. I always relied on cream treatments to moisten hair but recently decided to give oil a go.

Milk_Shake Argan Oil 10ml

Milk_Shake Argan Oil 10ml

Packaging: A small, clear, plastic bottle filled with Organic Argan Oil that’s a deep yellow colour. The 10ml bottle I purchased also came with a small card packaging in which it was placed that contained details of use and ingredients.

Milk_Shake Argan Oil 10ml

Milk_Shake Argan Oil 10ml

Product Range & Pricing: I got this from BeautyBay where you can find the below range: 10ml for €4.70, 50ml for €19.30 and 100ml for €33.10. These prices all include shipping worldwide. Keep in mind that as this is an oil, it only needs to be used sparingly so these should last for quite some time.

milkshaMilk_Shake Argan Oil Range

Milk_Shake Argan Oil Range

Scent: A subtle fragranced oil. Until now, I have never used any other Argan oils, so I am unable to compare. However this one smelt very pleasant.

Use: This Argan Oil is an oil treatment that is suitable for all hair types and is to be massaged in the hair when it is damp, and then styled like usual. Personally, I also like applying this on dry hair on the areas that need it the most – generally the ends or wherever might be dry due to heat styling or too much bleach.

This product claims to instantly condition the hair, whilst giving it a healthy look ad a smooth effect with volume and shine.

Verdict: So far, I quite like this product. Firstly, it’s organic, which is always a winner in my books. Secondly, even though it is an oil, it is non-greasy, and is instantly absorbed in the hair without weighing it down or making the hair oily or your hands sticky.

I used this mostly on my ends and sparingly throughout the rest of my hair. It quickly made it feel smooth and soft, and gave it a beautiful shine. I also noticed it reduced, and improved the appearance of frizz and dry hair strands, whilst leaving a subtle smell on the hair.

Like with any hair conditioning treatment, it will not fix split ends – as these will need to be cut off – but from my experience using it, it will most certainly help with giving an instant moisture boost to your hair in between salon visits. Definitely worth a try!

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