Milk_Shake Leave in Conditioner

The importance of being kind to your hair cannot be stressed enough!

Whether we realise it or not, our hair is constantly being challenged – think of how many times you’re touching your hair, tying it up, styling it, applying products, colouring, bleaching, curling…the list goes on! That’s not even including all the damage it is subjected to from the elements – strong winds, the cold, hot summers, sea water, as well as chlorine…you get the picture.

While there is plenty we can do to minimize the above mentioned damage – what we apply directly on our hair is equally important. That being said, proper nutrition, water consumption, sleep and reduced stress are also crucial. However, here I’ll be speaking to you about conditioning your hair.

Why is conditioning your hair important? Well, the more conditioned it is, the healthier it is, and this makes it stronger and more able of withstanding damage that it is subjected to on a daily basis.

This brings me to the latest product that I have been using to condition my hair – the Milk_Shake Leave In Conditioner Spray.

Packaging: A 350ml see-through bottle with a yellow spray pump at the top, covered in a small plastic cap and filled with a very pale yellow leave in conditioner liquid.

Milk_Shake Leave in Conditioner 350ml

Milk_Shake Leave in Conditioner 350ml

Scent: If only we could transmit smells online – this would definitely be one I would share! Initially, this was the reason I wanted to buy it – as soon as my hairdresser used a similar Milk_Shake product on my hair, that had the same smell – I fell in love! Ok, maybe this might sound extreme to some of you, but I really do love this.

It really does smell of milk shake – a delicious creamy vanilla one – yum! That being said, it may a bit too sweet or overpowering for some people, but I just love it. It eventually settles in the hair and does not remain as strong as when spraying it, so give it a go.

Application: After shampooing and conditioning your hair, gently towel dry it and spray on evenly throughout the hair, focusing most attention on the ends or any other dry or damaged areas that may need more conditioning. I then gently run my fingers through my hair to make sure it in gets everywhere. Leave hair to dry or style to finish.

Good Stuff: Not only does this smell good enough to eat, but it’s made with ingredients that are kind to your hair (like the rest of their product range). This spray hydrates dry hair with Honey extracts, whilst protecting your colour and revitalising dull and limp hair with Strawberry and Blueberry Fruit extracts.

It’s also rich in protein as it contains Milk, Casein & Wheat Proteins which all contribute towards strengthening weak and brittle hair, as well as a Sun Filter Protection that protects hair against the harmful rays of the sun. That’s a lot of goodness in one bottle!

Cost: I got this from BeautyBay for €14.90, which also includes the cost for (worldwide) shipping. Like with most conditioning products, a little goes a long way. As I love the smell so much, I do end up using more than I need and still have loads left after using it for a couple of months.

Verdict: This, so far is the best leave in conditioner that I have tried until now. It easily spreads throughout the hair and deeply conditions my hair leaving it soft, silky and healthy. My hair has a tendency to get knotted but this gets the knots undone very easily without me having to tug at my hair unnecessarily.

After applying, my fingers glide through nearly effortlessly, and my dry hair strands are moisturised and looking a lot healthier with repeated use. Definitely a product worth trying.

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