Holika Holika Petit BB Cream – Watery

If you don’t already know – I love BB creams (i.e. Beauty Balms). Ever since I started using them a couple of months ago, my skin has really cleared up and looks healthier too.

For me, BB creams are the perfect alternative to foundation for a casual daytime look. They provide a decent amount of coverage (although not as much as a full coverage foundation will), look very natural and give a nice, healthy glow to the skin.

In my quest to test out as many BB creams as possible, I recently came across this one – the Holika Holika BB Cream in Watery. As BB creams originated in Asia I was tempted to give this as try, as being a Korean brand, it must be good, right?

Holika Holika BB Cream - Watery

Holika Holika BB Cream – Watery

Packaging: The Watery BB cream is a 30ml plastic green tube that contains product with SPF 25.

Range: There are a total of five types of BB creams by Holik Holika. These are the following:

  • Watery – A BB cream for a natural, flawless finish. Contains Green Tea leaf extract. SPF 25.
  • Clearing – Specially for problem skin (blemishes/uneven skin tone). Contains Tea Tree extract. SPF 30.
  • Moisture – Best suited for dry skin. Contains ingredients that supply nutrients to the skin to soften it. SPF 30.
  • Essential – A BB cream that contains collagen to provide elasticity to mature skin. SPF 30.
  • Shimmering – Contains a pearl shimmer that brightens the skin. SPF 45.
Holika Holika BB Cream - Watery

Holika Holika BB Cream – Watery (Swatch)

Cost: Up until now, these have been the cheapest BB creams I have ever come across. I get them from Ebay UK for around €4.60, including shipping. That’s a fantastic price considering that the average BB cream is usually between €10-€15. Brilliant!

Scent: This product has quite a strong scent. It’s quite fruity and very fresh, which makes it rather pleasant.

Verdict: This BB cream rocks! The coverage is fantastic – close to a full coverage, which for a BB cream it quite rare. Due to this it covers imperfections beautifully and leaves my skin looking absolutely flawless.

It doesn’t make my skin oily at all (my skin type is combination) and until now, is the only BB that I do not need to set with a powder. Lasts for a long time with very little shine on the t-zone by the end of the day.

The only downside is that it is a bit light, and it does not come in different shades. So, while this will be fantastic for those of you who have fair skin (cool tones), unfortunately, it might not work out if you have mid-tone and dark skin types or yellow based undertones.

However, you might still want to try it out and then set it with a darker powder to match your skin tone, or use it as a base under your foundation as a primer since it’s staying power is so good.

Great BB cream that gives good results at a brilliant price. Will definitely be trying out the others in the range so watch this space.

Have you tried these before? Which is your favourite?

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