Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair (Part 1)

We all dream of beautiful, healthy hair – yet, actually achieving it can be quite difficult. Our hair is constantly being subjected to damage whether we look after it religiously or not. Dryness from the heat, wind and cold all weaken it, and that’s before we even get started with our heat styling tools and colour!

Yes, there’s a lot that threatens the health of our hair, but there’s still a lot we can do to prevent as much damage as possible and encourage new, healthy growth.

Beautiful, Healthy Hair

When I was a child, I had the most insane hair! It was so difficult to manage that on one occasion I needed two hairdressers – one on each side to comb through my hair. As I grew older, I constantly battled with my hair – it was too frizzy, too wild (not quite a curl and not a wave either) and just not manageable. It was always tied up in a frizzy, messy bun!

The amount of things I’ve tried have been endless. Today, I have the most maintenance free hair. I’ve learnt to be patient and treat my hair with care and finally, after many years, my relationship with my hair is struggle free.

From my experience, and also, common sense, the below is the best thing you can ever do for your hair:

#1: Be Patient! If your hair is damaged, it’s going to take a while till it gets better. There’s a limit to how much deep conditioning treatments can do. It’s most likely you just need to cut more often and wait for new hair to grow.

#2: Nourish it from within: We are what we eat – yes we have all heard this a million times before, because it’s true! Your hair is made up of protein, so ensure you are regularly eating healthy sources of lean protein such as chicken, turkey, fish, cottage cheese and low-fat yoghurt.

Essential fatty acids are also crucial for dryness so try consume fatty fish like salmon or mackerel as well as avocados, nuts and seeds. It goes without saying that fruit and vegetables are also beneficial for overall health, so snack on these throughout the day. Try to also drink plenty of water and limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol.

If you find it hard to eat a healthy, varied balanced diet, it may be helpful to take vitamin and mineral supplements. The B Vitamins are particularly valuable for hair health.

#3: Get regular trims: Even if you want to grow your hair down till your back – you still need to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. Trimming your hair regularly keeps it strong and healthy, and will avoid the chances of you having to cut more than you’d like to later on.

Important to note: If you are colouring your hair, do this first and then trim it afterwards. This is because a lot of colour concentrates at the ends and will dry them out. So colour first, cut second!

#4: Take it easy with the heat! Whether it’s poker straight hair, luminous curls or bouncy waves you’re after – know that heat styling wreaks havoc to your hair. It will dry it out, cause split ends, frizziness and will end up looking dull and damaged with repeated exposure. Try limit the amount of heat, as well as the frequency of it to keep your hair looking healthy.

Also, if possible, do try let your hair dry naturally instead of using a blow dryer on full heat, and when styling, always apply a heat protective spray or cream beforehand to limit damage.

Beautiful, Healthy Hair

#5: Be gentle with wet hair: Your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet so please treat it with care. Do not use a narrow comb or a brush. If you must comb through, then use of wide tooth comb, or better yet, use your fingers.

#6: Use the right products: Find out exactly what your hair type is and experiment with products. What works well for others may not for you, even if your hair type is the same. As a general rule of thumb, shampoo and conditioners purchased from a hair salon are usually of much better quality than ones you find at the supermarket – particularly if your hair needs special care. Try both out and see the difference yourself – It will be worth the extra money.

#7: Deep Condition: If your hair is dry, damaged or frizzy then your hair will need a bit of TLC. Use a good hair conditioner, or hair mask instead if need be. Apply a leave-in conditioner on dry areas after washing, and for extra attention on very dry areas, rub in some Argan oil once dry. This worked miracles for my hair.

#8: Reduce Stress: We all know that looking after ourselves is super important. Stress not only wreaks havoc with our mental and physical health, but also greatly affects our appearance. Try keep stress to a minimum, and when that’s not possible (after all we live in the real world), try engage in regular physical activity and ensure you get plenty of sleep.

#9: Keep Calm with Colour: From black to blonde – to red to brown? Ouch! This is so painful for your hair! As fun as it is to change our hair colour, it’s good to do this gradually and try to avoid too many drastic changes in a short amount of time.

#10: Try out Keratin Treatments: I have left the best for last! This was what totally transformed my hair! I am so glad I tried this type of treatment – in particular the Cocochoco Brazilian Keratin treatment. My hair has never been the same and I will never be able to live without it! This has made it super smooth and silky. It’s hassle free and looks great without me having to fuss about with it. It’s not frizzy and puffy any more and is super easy to manage and style. Love it! More about this coming soon.

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