VO5 ‘Refresh me Quick’ Dry Shampoo

We live in busy times. Always running about from one place to another, trying to keep up with deadlines and working against the clock! It’s exhausting! So at times, it’s now become normal for us to find a simple task as washing hair, as being time consuming or taking up too much time. Crazy isn’t it?

Well, that’s where dry shampoo comes to the rescue. Developed for times in an emergency when all you need is a quick boost of fresh hair for at least another day or two. That being said, dry shampoo does not replace traditional shampoo and conditioner! It’s just a fantastic convenience product that helps us out when we’re in a pickle!

Apart from convenience, using dry shampoo is also beneficial for individuals who have extremely oily hair and need to wash it daily. As we know, over washing our hair, even when oily can be damaging as it strips off all the natural oils, so prolonging that wash by a couple of more hours is a bit of a help.

One of the best dry shampoos I have come across recently is the VO5 ‘Refresh me Quick’ Dry Shampoo – developed with White Tea extracts, to revive dull, lifeless hair.

VO5 'Refresh me Quick' Dry Shampoo

VO5 ‘Refresh me Quick’ Dry Shampoo

Packaging: A 200ml spray can that comes in a cute, vibrant pink packaging.

Scent: A sweet smelling spray that smells a bit like candy. Delicious!

Application: Always start off by shaking the can before use. Once that’s done, spray at a distance (say about 3-4 inches) away from the hair, but mostly focusing on the roots. Once you’ve finished spraying, use your fingertips, or brush through to ensure it’s evenly distributed.

Caution: When doing this, be careful of getting any product in your eye (just rinse with water in this case) or inhaling too much of it in – not the healthiest of things! (in large quantities so not to worry if you got some in)

Price: This was quite reasonable in my opinion. Got it from my local supermarket for about €4.30. It also lasts quite long for me, probably about 4-5 months and use it about once a week. However, how long it lasts will obviously vary depending on how much you use based on the oiliness of your hair. Overall, a long lasting product at a decent price.

Verdict: This product is great! It’s super effective and I find that I don’t need to use a large amount of product to get the results I require. It makes my hair look like I have just washed it and lasts for a good extra 2 days. It also adds volume to the hair which is great after having flat oily roots.

It also smells nice, lasts long and is a good price. One of my favourite dry shampoos and highly recommended!

Other Product Info: This particular dry shampoo is great to use in between washes for normal to oily hair, and there is also another product in the range that is great for fine and oily hair as it also adds volume.

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