MAC Brush Cleanser

To get the very best out of your make up, you need to use the right tools. That being said, no matter sophisticated your brush sets are, you will only get good use from them if you look after them properly. This is where brush cleaners come into the picture.

For stubborn dirt you will need to deep clean your make up brushesand for light cleaning in between make up applications, you can spot clean your make up brushesHow often you clean them depends on how often you use your brushes, as well as the number of people using your bushes.

One of the make up brush cleansers I currently use is from one of my all time favourite brands – MAC.

This is the MAC brush cleanser that I got online a couple of months ago. This not only cleans, but also disinfects and conditions your brush fibres which helps them last longer.

MAC Brush Cleanser

MAC Brush Cleanser

Packaging: A 235ml transparent bottle that comes with a black cap that you can press liquid out of. The solution is a medium pink colour that reminds me of a nail polish remover.

Scent: Obviously not the greatest of smells due to the alcohol content required for effective cleaning. However, I do not find it irritating. Once the brushes are cleaned, the smell of alcohol evaporates and leaves your brushes smelling quite nice.

Use: With this type of formula you can either deep clean or else spot clean brushes. You can spot clean by placing some of the cleaning liquid on the bristles and then gently wiping back and forth on thick textured, kitchen paper. This is an effective way to clean brushes that are not extremely dirty or that just need a quick freshen up or disinfecting. 

If your brushes are extremely dirty or have stubborn oil based liquid make up on it then it might be best to deep clean them by soaking the tips of the brushes only in some of the formula beforehand. You can do this by putting some of the liquid in a small cup and have the brush bristles soak in it.

When doing this it is crucial that the liquid doesn’t exceed the height of the brush ferrule as this will cause the glue holding the bristles together to melt, causing your brush to get ruined.


MAC Brush Cleanser

MAC Brush Cleanser

Cost: I got this directly from the MAC UK Website for around €14. This is probably the most expensive brush cleaners that I have used till now. It is of a good quality, however most brush cleaners do not usually last a very long time – if you are cleaning your brushes regularly as you should!

Verdict: This brush cleaner is very effective. It is a quick drying formula that gets off stubborn dirt easily and leaves brushes smelling nice, clean, and feeling soft.

I did notice that this product tends to leak a little for me. Even though the cap is screwed on as tightly as can be (I never screwed it open), some liquid seeps out from it and tends to get a bit messy – as well as being a waste of product! Do any of you that have this product have this problem too?

As good as it is, and as much as I love MAC, I don’t think that I will be buying this again. It’s a fantastic product, but I have come across other make up brush cleansers that are just as good and much cheaper. More on these soon!

What’s your take on this product?

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