Boots Dry Shampoo – Paradise Island

Recently, on a trip to London, I bought a couple of dry shampoos. Naturally, whenever I buy something new, I do my best to try it out immediately! So, here’s the first one I tested so far: The Boots Dry Shampoo – Paradise Island.

Boots Dry Shampoo - Paradise Island

Boots Dry Shampoo – Paradise Island

Packaging: A 200ml silver tube, that’s sleek and slim. For me, the packaging is quite pretty – I like the mix of silver with the purple and pink tones.

Scent: Unfortunately, not the best of smells. It starts off with a pleasant fruity smell, then then quickly changes to a strong musky smell that reminds me of an ‘old fashioned hair spray’ smell. However, once its settled in the hair, all smell is gone.

Application: You need to move quick with this one! It dries extremely fast and also comes out very very white! You need to blend and brush it in asap otherwise you’ll end up with unsightly white patches in your hair! If you’ve got light blonde hair you may be able to get away with this, but if your hair is darker it will look a mess.

Caution: This product has a very strong smell and has a ‘dry ice’ effect when its sprayed. So just take caution when using it so that you do not get much product in your eyes or inhale too much of it.

Price: I got this for £1.50, which was discounted from £2.29. Highly affordable which is why I was drawn to it.

Verdict: Despite the strong smell which is not really my favourite, and the fact that it dries extremely fast which can leave white patches – this dry shampoo does the job very well and is highly effective. You just need to get used to how it works and move fast 🙂

It’s a very good dry shampoo however, there are others on the market out there that achieve the same result with a more pleasant smell and a formula that blends in better. Due to this, I will probably not re purchase this when finished, however I will definitely get good use out of it until then.

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