Simple BB Cream

I haven’t used any products from Simple in so many years! They’re great products, however they always reminded me of the very first skin care that I used to use in my early teens. That being said, when I saw that they came out with a BB cream I needed to give it a try. As you might know, I have a bit of an obsession with BB creams!

Also, Simple are known for products that are kind to the skin, with no artificial perfumes, colourings or harsh chemicals, which is a winner in my books, so this alone was enough to convince me to try this. It also made me see the brand differently to how I used to, and I’m glad that I gave it a go again.

Here’s the Simple Kind to Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm – Universal Shade: It claims to moisturise and even out skin tone as well as blurring imperfections and fine lines. It also containing SPF15 and protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

Simple BB Cream

Simple BB Cream

Packaging: A 50ml tube that comes with a minimal, yet pretty design that’s packaged in a sleek cardboard box.

Cost: I got this from my local supermarket for around €13, which is around the higher end for a typical BB cream – that is, a BB cream that’s not of a designer/high end brand. However, for a BB cream, 50ml is quite a good amount of product. I then found out that this can be bough from Amazon Uk for about £6! (excluding shipping outside of the Uk)

Simple BB Cream

Simple BB Cream

Scent: This product has got quite a strong smell – like a combination of sunscreen and a clay face mask. Sounds strange, I know! However, it’s quite a pleasant smell in my opinion.

Verdict: This is another one of my favourites! I love that it has an extremely good coverage. Definitely more than a typical BB cream. It’s quite thick, but blends in well and gives a beautiful flawless finish. I’d say, the coverage is on par with a medium to high coverage foundation – even more so if set with a powder afterwards. It also stays on quite well till then end of a long work day which is always a plus!

As mentioned earlier, this comes in one universal shade so unfortunately this may not be right for everyone. It’s quite yellow based so perfect for warm toned or lightly tanned skin. However, even when my face is not tanned and quite pale, I still like using it as it adds a subtle warmth to the skin. Although, in this case, application would obviously need to be extended down the neck, and possibly also making use of a subtle bronzer for an overall seamless look.

Even though I like how this looks, I hope that in the near future they’ll introduce some other shades that are more pink based, as well as some darker ones for more variety. All in all, a really good product that gives a beautiful, flawless finish.

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    • It’s always fun trying out new brands 🙂 It’s also interesting trying out a brand after many years – I saw Simple is a different way and might consider some other products they have too.

      Thank you for the nomination 🙂 I’ll answer the questions this weekend 🙂 xx

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