The Jolly Blogger Award!

Hi All,

This is something a little bit different to the usual 🙂 I’d like to thank Anne from Doves and Roses for nominating me for The Jolly Blogger Award. I came across Anne’s blog recently by chance and have really enjoying reading her daily posts ever since 🙂 So if you too like reading all about beauty then I highly recommend you check out her blog.

The Jolly Blogger Award is new to me – I admit I had not heard of it before, but I also have not been blogging for very long so maybe that is why! It works like this – You must answer the 12 questions by the person that nominated you, then create 12 different questions of your own and nominate another 10 people for this award.

The Jolly Blogger Award

The Jolly Blogger Award

Below, are my answers to Anne’s questions:

What is on your Christmas wishlist?

Well, what I really need is some great make up/beauty products storage! Currently I have everything stored off in different make up bags/boxes, which keep increasing in number and cluttering up my bathroom, much to my boyfriend’s dismay! 🙂

However, if I had to choose something more exciting I’d go for some lipsticks or blushers (my addiction) from Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury. Their packaging is to die for and I want it in my collection!

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

The simple things really – just enjoying time with my boyfriend, friends and family. Can’t really pinpoint one moment exactly, but if I had to choose, probably one of the best memories that occurred lately was the first Christmas eve my boyfriend and I had together in our place when we moved in about 3 years ago. Otherwise, when I was a lot younger, the excitement I used to feel when putting up the Christmas tree with my parents and opening up presents with my cousins.

Do you believe in Santa?

Well not any more 🙂 However this brings back a memory I had when I was very young. My parents would leave the front door open ajar, just keeping it with the door chain lock so that Santa could easily come in. I clearly remember feeling excited that Santa would come to our house, but also not being able to sleep well as I was scared someone would break in our house! Go figure! 🙂

Would you prefer a snowy Christmas or no snow?

A snowy one definitely! It never ever snows here – and never will! Also it’s not the first time that we’ve sat outside in t-shirts on Christmas day or New Year’s day lunch! I’m more of a winter person so would really love a snowy one, or at least just a very cold and rainy one.

What has been the best Christmas gift you ever received?

A box with a selection of everyday beauty products from brands I had never tried out before. Got these given to me by my boyfriend and also from his mum some other Christmas 🙂

What is your favourite Winter Make up look?

A flawless full-coverage base, with a plum blush (Nars Sin) paired up with a berry lipstick (MAC Rebel) with a simple eye look – I love a subtle brown and gold base, with liquid liner for night time. Alternatively, Red lips (MAC Lady Danger) with a light touch of red blush (MAC Frankly Scarlet) with the same eye make up is also one of my Winter favourites! I also love a bright baby pink blush with pale skin. Ok, I will stop now 🙂

Which item of clothing is your favourite winter wear?

Probably jackets and coats! I rarely get to wear them here so when I do, I feel like I’m changing up my look completely. I also really like how they make all the difference to what you’re wearing – something casual can quickly be transformed into something smart.

What will you be doing on New Year’s Eve?

I’m not sure yet! Yes, I know it’s about time that I made plans! 🙂 To be honest, I really hate New Year’s Eve – not really sure why though but I tend to find it quite depressing – along with the first 2-3 weeks of January! The things I like doing the most on this day really is a small house party with friends, however no concrete plans have been made yet for this year.

Describe your perfect New Year’s Eve outfit.

Assuming it would be for a formal type of party, I’d go for black and gold. A long elegant black coat, black high heels and a black cocktail dress paired up with gold accessories and clutch.

What is on your nails right now?

A deep red wine nail polish from ‘Pure Colour’ that I got from New Look. Got this from my recent trip to London and loving it! Super easy to put on and stays on quite well.

Name one item of make up you cannot live without.

There are so many, I’m not sure which to choose! I love lipsticks and blushers, however for me, these alone wouldn’t be enough without a flawless base, so I think I’ll have to choose foundation. Second choice would be blusher though.

What is your latest celebrity crush?

Just started watching Revenge (love it!) and  have got to say that scenes with Frank (The Greyson’s employee) are more interesting to watch. However, he just got killed off so this one will be short lived!

So the bloggers I nominate are the following:

Obviously this is entirely optional so don’t feel obliged to do this. To those that do mange, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I look forward to reading your answers to the below questions:

  1. Christmas and New Years – Love or Hate them? Why?
  2. What do you really want to get this Christmas?
  3. What was your latest beauty purchase?
  4. What was your most expensive beauty purchase? Was it worth it?
  5. What is your favourite Winter make up look?
  6. What are your plans for the upcoming holidays?
  7. Will you be eating healthily these holidays or indulge and ‘start over’ in January?
  8. Any new year’s resolutions?
  9. Nails – Nail polish or gels?
  10. Name one item of make up you cannot live without.
  11. Cheapest beauty product that pleasantly surprised you?
  12. Favourite winter clothing item?

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!

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3 thoughts on “The Jolly Blogger Award!

  1. Thanks so much for including me in the nominations. I am really glad you managed to find time during this busy season to answer the questions 😀
    So nice reading some more about you: I loved the story about your parents leaving the door open for Santa 🙂
    Also, glad to have found someone else who despises New Year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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