Christmas Goodies from Yves Rocher

Hey Everybody,

Hope you all had a great Christmas day! Can’t believe it’s over already – it went by so fast! So, apart from feeling stuffed as a turkey, I’d like to show you a few beauty treats I received yesterday.

Beautiful smelling body products from one of my favourite brands – Yves Rocher; a French company. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it’s similar to The Body Shop or Missha.

What I love about Yves Rocher, apart from their beautifully packaged products at decent prices, is that fact that they are a very environmentally conscious brand and most of their products do not contain any parabens. They also have the most delicious smelling products!

Skin Care from Yves Rocher

Skin Care from Yves Rocher

So, I received the Blackberries Shower Gel and Liquid Hand Soap, Red Berries Shower Gel, and the Sparking Shower Gel.

All have the most incredible smell! The Blackberries and Red Berries ones are so fruity and fresh, you just want to eat them. To me, they also smell a lot like jelly – yummy.

The Sparkling Shower Gel is full of glitters in the tub, but doesn’t transfer on to your skin when showering. Smells a bit like chocolate-orange. Another yummy scent!

Super indulgent with their delicious smells, they also foam up nicely and really give you that pampered feeling. Loving them!

What beauty gifts did you receive this Christmas?

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