Zoeva Brush Cleanser

If you don’t already know the importance of having clean brushes, then it’s time you found out! Keeping your brushes clean is important for so many reasons.

Firstly, it will prevent bacteria and dirt from being placed directly on your face, eye and lips and preventing any infections or break outs. Secondly, it also cares for your brushes which helps them to last longer.

There are different ways that you can clean your brushes, depending on how dirty they are or how much time you have at that moment.

A quick way of cleaning and disinfecting brushes is by spot cleaning. This is fast and removes bacteria however may not remove all make up effectively. Read how to do this: Spot Cleaning Make-up Brushes

If you want all make up to be removed properly, which is recommended every once in a while, then you would need to deep clean your brushes. This may take a bit longer but definitely worth doing occasionally. Read how to do this: Deep Cleaning Make-up Brushes

This brings me to the make up brush cleaner I am using at the moment – the Zoeva Brush Cleanser. This works well on both synthetic and natural brushes and does not require any rinsing. It also contains macademia oil that leaves the brushes feeling all soft.

Also, do keep in mind that brush cleaners are highly flammable due to the alcohol content required to clean and disinfect.

The Zoeva Brush Cleaner

The Zoeva Brush Cleanser


The Zoeva Brush Cleaner

The Zoeva Brush Cleanser

Packaging: A 200ml transparent bottle, with a pretty purple liquid that comes in a black cardboard box. The bottle itself has two caps – one small one covering the nozzle and a large one to the same width as the bottle itself.

Scent: Unlike the MAC Brush Cleanser I have, this actually smells really good. It’s nice and fruity! Although, it’s best not to inhale too much brush cleaner – not to healthiest of things! At least the nice smell makes the brush cleaning process a bit more enjoyable!

Cost: I got this directly from Zoeva’s website for €8.50. This is by far the cheapest brush cleaner I have come across for this size. Well worth it!

Verdict: At this point in time, this is my favourite brush cleaner out there. It’s highly effective and gets off dirt very well, even when just spot cleaning. It smells lovely and leaves my brushes feeling refreshed, soft and super clean. Also, the price is great for the amount of product you get. Definitely one I will be buying again!

Other Brush Cleansers:

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