Batiste Dry Shampoo for Light & Blonde Hair

Last month I went on a short trip to London and picked up the Batiste Dry Shampoo for Light & Blonde Hair.

I’d heard a lot about how great Batiste dry shampoo’s are so I just couldn’t resist! I was especially happy to see that instead of the typical dry shampoo’s, they also had dry shampoo’s specifically for blonde, brunette and red hair.

Could this really mean, I could get rid of my oily roots and add a bit of colour in between highlights?! I had to get it and try it out!

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Blonde & Light Hair

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Light & Blonde Hair

Packaging: A 200ml sleek looking spray can with a pretty silver and gold design.

Scent: It’s quite a typical smell for dry shampoo – slightly sweet, but wears off fast. Do keep in mind that inhaling large amounts of dry shampoo is not advisable! Try avoid it as much as you can.

Application: Like with all dry shampoo’s, start by shaking the spray can. Holding it a couple of inches away from your scalp, spray all over the roots and massage or brush through immediately so that all oiliness is removed evenly. Instructions are displayed at the back as seen in the image below.

Caution: Just be careful not to spray too much, too close as it’s tinted with colour. It’s super for blending in re-growth however the first time I tried it, I admit I got a bit carried away and ended up with a bright yellow scalp – not a good idea if you have a parting! Oops 🙂 Thankfully, I wasn’t going anywhere! If this happens, not to worry – it does wash off very easily 🙂

On a separate note, do keep in mind that all dry shampoo’s are highly flammable.

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Light & Blonde Hair

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Light & Blonde Hair

Price: Got this from Boots for about £3.99 which is about average for a dry shampoo.

Verdict: This dry shampoo is great! It’s super effective at removing oiliness without needing much product. It also adds volume to the roots and looks freshly washed.

The colour is also brilliant! I love how this can disguise my roots in between highlights! That being said, even though effective, it’s not going to cover re-growth completely (if only!), however it really does make it look a lot better.

Highly recommended – seems like Batiste has lived up to its good reputation for dry shampoo’s! I wonder how this has worked for people with red or brunette hair – have any of you tried these? Let me know what you think.

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7 thoughts on “Batiste Dry Shampoo for Light & Blonde Hair

  1. Mhm…I know nothing about dry shampoos and having very short hair at the moment I’m sure I would make a big mess…but since my best friend has very long straight hair, I was wondering if this product enhances /changes the color too…


  2. Hey Alessa, thanks for stopping by 🙂 I don’t see any problem with you using dry shampoo if your hair is very short. As long as you spray evenly and at a bit of a distance (say 6 inches) you shouldn’t have any disasters 🙂 Just brush through after spraying too.

    With regards to the colour – I found this great. I have light blonde highlights and had a lot of re growth when I tried it out. It definitely added some colour that blended in well and reduced the appearance of my darker roots 🙂


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