The ghd Style Heat Protect Spray

Unfortunately I don’t have long, straight hair so I’ve been battling to tame and control it for as long as I can remember! I dream of the day where I can afford to have my own personal hair dresser on call (imagine that…) but until then, I take the hair straightening task into my own hands so I’m always prepared if a last minute event pops up.

Out of all the heat protection products I’ve tried, the ghd Style Heat Protect Spray is definitely one of the best I’ve ever used. My hair is full of blonde highlights so I’ve got a lot of bleach and peroxide going on, which makes it very fragile and sensitive to heat styling. Therefore, using a good heat protection product is imperative to avoid it getting extremely dry and damaged.

ghd Style Heat Protect Spray

ghd Style Heat Protect Spray

Packaging: A 120ml lightweight tube that’s slim and sleek and comes in a pretty black and gold packaging design. It’s a spray product so it has a spray nozzle at the top and comes with a black cap.

Scent: It’s got a nice subtle fragrance that’s quite pleasant when being used.

Application: This spray can be applied to both towel dried hair before blow drying or else sprayed lightly on to dry hair before heat styling. A couple of sprays is usually enough, say 6-8 for long thick hair from the middle to the ends of the hair. Once the product is on the hair, it’s helpful to comb through to ensure it’s distributed evenly for maximum heat protection.

Caution: It’s good to note that although heat protection is being used, it’s best to limit it to no more than once a week, and if possible to not leave the straightening tool on the hair for too long, at too high of a temperature – a protection spray can also do so much!

ghd Style Heat Protect Spray

ghd Style Heat Protect Spray

Cost: I got this from FeelUnique which sells for about €13. Given how long this lasted for me, I’d say it’s quite reasonable. A little goes a long way with this product.

Verdict: As I mentioned before, this is one of my favourite heat protection products to use. Out of all the ones I’ve tried, this left me with the least amount of dryness and split ends. In fact, I rarely recall finding any damage in my hair. 

A high amount of heat protection without the need of using large amounts of product – this is definitely a winner in my books and worth trying it out.

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