Quick Dry Nail Polish Spray

I love having beautiful nails, however, I admit I can get quite lazy when it comes to nail polish application. I need to find a time when I can comfortably sit down and slowly do my nails without needing to do something that will ruin my nail polish straight after!

So when on holiday in London recently, I came across the P.S. Love Your Nails Nail Polish Fast Dry Spray. I wondered, would this actually work?


Packaging: A 50ml spray tube that comes in a cute black can that’s light and easy to carry.

Application: This spray is to be applied after you have just applied your nail polish. It should be sprayed about 12 inches away from the nails and left to dry for about 60 seconds before the nails can be touched.

Once applied, it immediately forms a protective layer on the nails themselves, which is what stops the nail polish from smudging. It looks as though you’ve dipped your nails in oil – so even your skin around the nail will look oily however this instantly goes once you wash your hands.

Cost: This product is one of the beauty items that fall in the Primark beauty range so it goes without saying that this is super cheap. At £0.80 only, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it!

Verdict: This is pretty good! It really does work – it immediately forms a protective layer on the wet nail polish that very quickly stops it from smudging. However, this works only for nail polish that’s applied in thin layers. If you apply it too thick, it will still smudge.

Apart from helping nail polish to dry a lot faster, it also adds a pretty gloss finish to the nails and slightly extends the length of time your nail polish will stay on. Considering the cheap price and the effectiveness of it, this is definitely a product worth trying.


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