MAC Melon Pigment

I have to admit, up until recently I wasn’t much of a fan of pigments. I guess I just never really found a use for them in my makeup routine. However after seeing a make-up tutorial online using pigments, I was tempted to try them out. I headed off to one of my favourites – MAC, and instantly fell in love with this beautiful pigment in melon.

MAC Pigment in Melon

MAC Pigment in Melon

Packaging: This beautiful pigment comes in a 4.5g pot that’s see-through and packaged in a small cardboard black box. This has a circle cut out so it’s useful to see what colour you have if you have more than one and store them in the box.

MAC Pigment in Melon

MAC Pigment in Melon

Colour: I fell in love a little bit when I was how beautiful this melon colour is. Just look at it…So intense, shimmery and multi-dimensional. A gorgeous warm toned coppery-golden shade.

MAC Pigment in Melon

MAC Pigment in Melon

Application: Pigments can be applied both dry or wet (I use a makeup setting spray on my brush). Personally, I prefer applying them wet as I feel they are being used to their full potential when the colour intensifies. They also stay on a lot better and longer. That being said, if you prefer a less dramatic look, then just apply it dry.

I love using this on my lid to finish off an evening eye look. The sparkle makes it more interesting and gives the eye look more depth and makes more of a statement. This also looks very pretty when placed in the inner corner of the eye or as a liner – both top or bottom.

MAC Pigment in Melon

MAC Pigment in Melon: Left applied Dry & Right applied Wet

Cost: Got this online from MAC for £17.00/€22.70. You might think it’s a lot for such a 4.5 container, however a little goes a long way with these pigments.

Verdict: I think it’s obvious I love this! The only thing I’m upset about is how long it took me to discover the beauty of these pigments! I love how they instantly transform any eye makeup look and make such a statement. The shades available are also extremely varied so you’re bound to find whatever you are looking for.

Love this and can’t wait to try out more!

What’s your favourite way to sparkle?

6 thoughts on “MAC Melon Pigment

    • Hey Lia, what’s your skin tone like? I think it’s quite a versatile shade. I use it both when I’m pale and when I have fake tan on. However, I never use it straight from the pot to my eye – I always apply it last after all my eye shadow is done 🙂


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