Sprucing up your Water: Part 1 (Cranberry & Vitamin C)

We all know how important it is to drink water – we’ve heard it a million times before! It’s good for your health, digestive system, skin, hair and so on. Yet, most of us still seem to struggle with getting our daily 6-8 glasses, and that’s not even enough if it’s hot weather and if you’re exercising!

Sure, you can also take in more water from fruits, vegetables and herbal teas, but how about making plain water a little bit more exciting?

One of my favourite ways is by adding Nature’s Best Cranberry Concentrate. I love this as not only does it make water taste better, but it also gives a good dose of Vitamin C and FOS (a natural substance that encourages growth of friendly bacteria in the gut to improve digestion).

Cranberry Water

Cranberry Water

Nature’s Best: First off, I have to say how great this company is. I’ve been ordering from them for years and have never been disappointed. They have a great array of products that are all safe, tested, and regulated accordingly. They have fantastic customer service and always answer any of my queries within a couple of hours.

Packaging: This product comes in a 100g tub that’s securely sealed. It’s labelling also contains all the information you’ll need on product info, use and ingredients. The powder itself is a deep pink powder that has a subtle smell of cranberry and cotton candy (that’s the FOS).

Use: The recommended daily dose of this is 5-10g which is about 1-2 heaped teaspoons. All that needs to be done is to sprinkle the powder into cold water or fruit juice, and then mixed well until properly dissolved. This is safe to take on a long term basis, however if you have any concerns or a specific medical condition, do speak to your doctor beforehand.

Taste: This adds a subtle cranberry taste to your water, however as this product does not contain any added sugar, there will not be any sweetness. That being said, it doesn’t taste sour at all.

Cranberry Water

Cranberry Water

Good Stuff: This is great as the subtle cranberry taste makes it’s more pleasurable to drink more water. Also, being high in Vitamin C (60mg per 5g) is another benefit! This is especially good to take during Winter months to help prevent a dreaded cold! This is also high in FOS which is derived from Chicory root. This naturally encourages the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut, which in turn, brings about better digestion.

Cost: One pot of this costs about €14. This lasts quite a long time for me, and considering the benefits it provides, it’s well worth it if you need a bit of help with drinking water.

Verdict: I really like this product. I like how, apart from adding a nice taste to my water, it also adds Vitamin C and FOS. Sure there are other things you can add, such as lemon that are cheaper and just as effective, however this is a nice change for me to try out every once in a while when I’m bored of other alternatives.

What do you do to make your water taste better?

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