Kylie Jenner Lips with MAC Stone

I’m not really a fan of the Kardashians, but I have to admit – I just love their make up!

A couple of months back, Kylie Jenner stole the limelight with this amazing make up look and lip colour that everyone was talking about. Do you remember it?

Kylie Jenner Make Up

Kylie Jenner Make Up

The internet was buzzing about this make up look and YouTube went crazy with Kylie Jenner Make Up looks. Suddenly, everyone wanted to have lips like hers – not just the fullness of them, but also that exact lip colour.

I couldn’t help it! I went online and looked at videos on how to recreate this look! There were various lip products that were mentioned for this, but the two that were continuously mentioned were the MAC Lip Liner in Stone and the Lime Crime Velvetines in Cashmere.

For months, these two products seemed to be sold out everywhere! However, finally I managed to get a hold of the MAC Lip Liner in Stone.

MAC Lip Liner - Stone

MAC Lip Liner – Stone

Packaging: Like all MAC Lip Pencils, these come in a sleek, matte black packaging with the colour marked and written at the tip. The pencil is one that can be sharpened, and is about 1.45g in weight.

Colour: A beautiful earthy toned colour that has a slight grey tinge to it.

MAC Lip Liner - Stone

MAC Lip Liner – Stone

Texture: This shade is very pigmented and glides on the lips effortlessly. I also find it to be quite long lasting.

Application: This works perfectly as a liner by itself or else as a base for a similar coloured lipstick to be applied on top.

MAC Lip Liner - Stone

MAC Lip Liner – Stone

Price: I got this from a MAC store for €18. You can also get this directly from the MAC website at £12.50, however unfortunately, this has been out of stock for ages.

Verdict: I really like this and glad I finally got a hold of it! Although, lip products don’t look the same on everyone, I found this to be quite a good match to the lip colour of Kylie.

It also works really well with earthy toned and brown lipsticks; so even if you’re not after the Kylie Jenner look, this will work really well if you like these type of lipstick colours.

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