Keeping your make up on for longer: Skinfood (Red Orange) Finishing Spray

You’ve got a long day ahead of you, or a big event coming up, so you spend a lot of time and effort creating a flawless make up look. Naturally in situations like these, we all want our make up to look fresh and to stay on for a long as possible.

The one I’m loving at the moment is the Skinfood Red Orange Makeup Finish in Glossy TypeThis setting, or finishing spray contains orange extract and oils that give a natural dewy glow to the skin.

Skinfood - Red Orange Make up Finishing Spray

Skinfood – Red Orange Make up Finishing Spray

Packaging: An 80ml bottle that comes in a bright orange packaging that complements the amazing red orange scent that this product has.

Scent: As just mentioned, this product has an amazing smell of red oranges! It’s extremely fresh and fruity and this also helps to give the skin an instant feeling of rejuvenation.

Application: Before using, this must first be shaken properly. Once done, this can be sprayed all over the face from an arm’s length distance (best to close your eyes :)). I generally find that about 1-3 sprays is usually more than enough for the whole face. This setting spray has a nice, subtle glossy finish to it.

The product states that this is to be applied once all your make up is done, however I have heard many beauty guru’s claiming that these sprays can be used before make up is applied, after the base has been done, and once again after all make up is done.

I generally just use it to finish off as I feel primer and powder provide enough protection for make up. What are your thoughts on this?

Skinfood - Red Orange Make up Finishing Spray

Skinfood – Red Orange Make up Finishing Spray

Cost: I got this off Amazon UK for about £11 / €16. In hindsight, I do feel that this may have been too much for a setting spray, however it’s lasted for ages as a little goes quite a long way.

Verdict: I really like this, mostly due to the amazing fresh citrus smell, which I just love. I find that this instantly refreshes my skin and gives a nice glossy finish without making my skin look greasy. It helps keep my make up in place and looking fresher for that little bit longer which is great for a special event on a long day ahead.

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