Complexion Brightening with Benefit’s Dandelion

With Spring upon us, it’s time to say goodbye to pale skin and make way for more rosy and brightened complexions.

Benefit’s Dandelion is one product that claims to do just this. A brightening face powder that can also be used a blusher if need be, and aims to deliver a radiant and healthy looking complexion.

Benefit Dandelion

Benefit Dandelion

Packaging: 7g of gorgeous looking and great smelling product! This comes in a small box that opens upright to reveal a mirror, with the face brightening powder found at the bottom section.

On top of this also comes a natural bristled brush for application which I’ve seemed to have misplaced! You can see this here. It’s not a bad brush, but I still prefer to using my own.

Scent: This product has a strong floral scent to it, however it disappears once applied on this skin.


  • As a Blush: As you would normally apply your blush – whether you prefer an angled brush or a round one, by just sweeping this across the apples of your cheeks or else in line with you cheek bone, you’ll quickly get a beautiful, healthy flushed colour.
  • For Complexion Brightening: I like applying this in the same way I’d apply I’d apply bronzer. I dust this lightly over my cheeks, the forehead and temples. It instantly gives the skin a gorgeous, natural glow and makes my skin feel like its come to life again after Winter!
Benefit Dandelion

Benefit Dandelion

Shade: A beautiful light pink that’s got a touch of mauve in it. A perfect colour for giving a very natural looking flush to the skin.

Benefit Dandelion

Benefit Dandelion

Cost: I got this from LookFantastic for around €30.00, however it’s quite common for this site to offer 10% discounts so do check it out if you don’t find any cheaper.

Verdict: I think this product is great! I love how it can be used in two different ways, and especially love the finish it creates. If you’re looking to give your skin some colour and radiance whilst still keeping it looking natural, then it’s definitely one product to try out!

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