MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Light

It’s no secret that I’m a massive MAC fan. I’ve raved about their lipsticks (neutral, mid-tone, bright & dark), blushers, and pigments but haven’t said anything yet about their face powders.

One of the powders that I use on a daily basis is the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Light:

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Light

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Light

Packaging: A 10g powder compact. However, what you see here is actually the old packaging (I’ll have another powder with the new packaging coming out soon) Whilst the new look and feel is a lot more stylish, I did like the fact that with the old packaging it was possible to see what shade you had as the lid was see-through, and is now an all solid-black lid.

MAC lovers – What are your thoughts on this change in packaging?

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Light

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Light

Shade: As mentioned above, this is the shade in Light. I tend to use this only to set my under eye concealer as it keeps it lighter than the rest of my face, however this is great to use all over the face if you are fair skinned. As I use it mostly on my under eye, I love using my Real Techniques Setting Brush and I find it fits this area perfectly.

Texture: The texture of this is just so beautiful! It’s so soft and velvety and blends in effortlessly in the skin leaving it looking soft and natural.

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Light

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Light

Cost: I got this about a year ago from the online store for £22.00 / €30.00, however as of today it seems that this have gone up to £23.00 / €31.50.

Verdict: For me, this is one of the best powders I have ever used! In fact, it is one that I use every day as it never lets me down. I love the soft, natural look it gives to the skin without making it look dry or flaky. When I use it all over my face it prevents my skin from getting oily, and keeps my foundation or BB cream on all day without fail.

When using it to set my under eye concealer, it keeps the concealer staying lighter than my foundation* and doesn’t cause any creasing or fine lines. Definitely one to try out!

*I deliberately use a concealer that is lighter than my foundation to highlight the under eye area. By using a powder that’s light, it keeps it that lighter colour and prevents it from oxidizing and getting as dark as my foundation.

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14 thoughts on “MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Light

  1. Love this stuff!
    I am a bit conflicted on the new packaging. I like the fact the new packaging has a mirror: I really missed that as I like to keep a powder in my hand bag to touch up. However, the new packaging is also a little bulkier. I preferred the slimmer older packaging in that sense…. so I am not quite sure. What do you think?
    ♥ Anne

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    • Love these powders too 🙂 I like the new packaging don’t get me wrong… it looks nicer than the older one and I especially like the mirror, but I really dislike how the lid isn’t see-through any more – a bit annoying if you have more than one shade! it’s true it’s bulkier too… So, even though the new one looks better, I think I still prefer the older one for practicality 🙂

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      • Tricky one, at least they made an effort to change something. I totally agree it is easier if you could see the shade, but thankfully I only own one at the moment 🙂

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    • It really is a great one! I don’t mind this drying at all but I don’t know how dry your skin is. Why don’t you ask a make up artist at the MAC counter to try it out on you? Or else, try of your friends to see how it will react with your skin? It will be worth it 🙂

      Trying to see your blog but for some reason I cannot access the page 😦 .. will try again later xxx


  2. I didn’t even know about this MAC product! I use their Studio Fix Powder Foundation and love it, but I’d like to try this over it or even those days I don’t feel like wearing full makeup.

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