Spring Blush with Kiko

Spring is now officially upon us, and with every season change that comes along is an excuse to switch up make up products to create that new look for the season.

If you read my previous post, I mentioned how Benefit’s Dandelion is great at adding warmth and brightening up the complexion. Another great way of adding a beautiful glow to the skin is with this gorgeous blusher 04 Pop Apricot from KIKO.

KIKO Pop Apricot Blush

KIKO Pop Apricot Blush

Packaging: A brightly coloured, 7g, square shaped compact. I admit, I was drawn to the brightness of the packaging and thought it looked so different to the typical blush packaging which makes it easy to spot in my make up case. I also really like the cute ‘jeans design’ on the blush itself, which reflects the outer packaging. Pretty cool!

KIKO Pop Apricot Blush

KIKO Pop Apricot Blush

Shade: I just love a bright coral blush for Spring and Summer and this immediately caught my eye from the ones on display. It instantly gives healthy flush and glow to the skin and brightens up any skin tone. It’s super pigmented so not a lot of product is needed to get this result.

Texture: This blush is super soft and smooth with hardly any fall-out. (The fall out you see in the images was purposely done to see the colour better :))

KIKO Pop Apricot Blush

KIKO Pop Apricot Blush

Cost: Unfortunately I really cannot remember how much I bought this for when I was on holiday. However I do remember saying to myself that all the products in the shop were really affordable. Tried looking for this on their website but I couldn’t find it. However, to give you an idea, a typical powder blush seems to cost around €7.50.

Verdict: I really love this one! Great for adding a pop of colour in the warmer months. It’s also a gorgeous shade, of good quality and very affordable. Would love to try out more from the KIKO product range.

Have any of you tried anything else from this brand?

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9 thoughts on “Spring Blush with Kiko

  1. I love seeing Kiko reviews bc I know nothing about the brand, just that they opened up some stores in the US. The blush is lovely. I really like peachy pinks, but this is straight up on the coral side of things. So pretty.

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