What’s in my Bag? (Evening #1)

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re all having a great start to the week!

Over the weekend I had a friend’s wedding. Apart from the celebration, catching up with friends and a bit of alcohol, it was also a good excuse to get all dressed up!

As you all know, after spending a good amount of time getting your make up done, you want to make sure that your make up stays flawless all night. This brings me to what make up items and I packed in my bag, as well as other handbag-on-a-night-out essentials!

Evening Bag Essentials

Evening Bag Essentials

The Bag: This Furla bag is one of my favourites for an evening out. It’s dainty, smart, comfortable to hold and in my opinion, looks pretty 🙂

The Makeup & Other Essentials: When on a night out, I try and choose the bare essentials to fit in my handbag, as I’ll also need to have my phone, keys, possibly tissues and camera as well as emergency money…don’t want my bag to look like it’s about to burst open!

So, first thing is definitely my lipstick of the night. Definitely never to be forgotten especially if eating and drinking! That night I used MAC’s Russian RedI love a bold red lip for the evening. As this lipstick is quite matte and my lips are quite dry, I always carry with me a lip balm to avoid any nasty lines showing on the lip.

Evening Bag Essentials

Evening Bag Essentials

To avoid any oiliness on the skin, I packed my Maybelline Fit Me Face Powder and some blotting paper, from Paul & Joe. I like the Maybelline powder with me on a night out as it’s not too bulky and it comes with a mirror with space to fit in a small sponge if need be. It’s also a great powder and super affordable!

My Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is also a must just in case I’m having a less than perfect skin day! I also threw in my MAC Black Eye Pencil for topping up my eye make up.

Lastly, transparent nail polish! Yes that’s right! This is great to use if you’ve accidentally snagged your tights! Just pop a bit of this around the tear and it will stop it from getting bigger! 🙂 Anyone else do this?

So what are your handbag essentials on a night out?

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9 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag? (Evening #1)

  1. Oeh that lipstick looks great! So into matte lipstick right now 🙂
    The transparant polish is briljant, I always forget and then have to switch tights in the most horrible places 😉
    xxx Anne

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