Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair (Part 2)

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post on tips for beautiful and healthy hair. When I was very young, I never cared much about my hair and this led it to becoming very difficult to manage and I spent years trying out different things to improve its condition. As I got a bit older, I ended up becoming so obsessed with my hair, and today, I can finally say that my hair is in relatively good condition.

These are some additional tips for my other post – hope you find some of them useful 🙂

#1: Take it Easy with Shampoo: We all need to wash our hair, but do we really need to wash it as often as we do? Now obviously this depends on your hair type, but if it’s normal then try stick to washing it no more than twice a week. Dry hair? Try every 7-10 days, and if it’s oily, 2-3 times a week as opposed to everyday. If this is too difficult to do then try using a good amount of dry shampoo in between washes.

Why so? The more frequently we wash our hair, the more of our natural oils we are stripping away. In the long run this can cause our hair to get dried out and damaged, so by just cutting back on too many washes will actually keep it healthier.

#2: Careful when Shampooing & Drying: Ok, so you’re washing your hair like you normally do. Are you lathering up your shampoo with your entire head of hair stacked upon your head? Stop!! This can cause so many knots and tangles which will make it so much harder to brush out, and the more you brush hair when wet, the more likely you are to break and damage it. Instead, try lathering up your shampoo gently whilst still leaving your hair lying flat down your back or brought forward in front of you.

The same goes for drying your hair right after you’re done. Don’t ruffle it up with your towel on top of your head. Gentle pat away the excess water and you’ll be drastically reducing your knot untangling time. Remember that your hair is at it’s most delicate when wet so be kind to it 🙂

How NOT to lather shampoo

How NOT to lather shampoo

#3: Hands off! This is one that I really struggle with! If at all possible – leave your hair alone! Stop playing with it! No twisting, twirling, running your fingers through it… let it be! The more we touch our hair, the more oils we’re taking away from it and drying it out. All the stretching and twisting really does not do it any good in the long run, so it’s really best to try keep your hands away.

#4: Use Sun Protection: Just as the sun is extremely damaging to our skin, it also wreaks havoc to our hair. Invest in a good sun protection spray or cream and apply generously when going out in warm weather. Just like sunscreen for your skin, this should not be applied only when going to the beach, but even if you’ll be running about during the day. 

#5: Beware Chlorine & Salt Water: I love how my hair waves up after a day at the beach! However, the salt found in sea water is extremely dying and damaging! Try rinse your hair out as soon as you can. Don’t want to shampoo? Just rinse your hair and condition it instead.

The same applies to chlorine which is also very drying. In this case, it’s best to thoroughly wet the hair with water from your shower before getting into a pool. In this way, your hair will absorb a lot less of the chlorine (and all the nasty chemicals it contains) which will avoid over drying it.

#6: Take it Easy with Styling Products: Styling products are great as they allow you to create any look or style you want. Be it hair spray, gels or mousses – you name it, the choice is endless. However, as helpful as these may be, using too much can cause product build up on the scalp. Unfortunately this will not leave you hair looking good, even after you’ve washed it. Product build up leaves your hair looking flat and dull. It also dries it out as it stops natural oils from coating the hair and scalp itself. If you love using styling products then make sure you use a good clarifying shampoo weekly.

However keep in mind that these can also end up drying out the hair, so don’t use this instead of your ordinary shampoo. Try to also limit the amount of product you use or try different styles that require less.

#7: Strengthen with Protein: Is your hair getting more damaged than usual despite taking reasonably good care of it? It might be a good idea to try out protein shampoos. These shampoos will contain higher amounts of protein in them, generally known as keratin, which is what our hair is also made of, and will help nourish and strengthen your hair from within and make it healthier and stronger.

Caring for your hair

#8: Warm then Cool: Warmth opens up the cuticles and coolness closes them, so try to apply this principle to both washing and drying hair. Warm water opens up the cuticles and cleans the hair most effectively, and cold water will then close the cuticles making the hair look more shiny and smooth. When heat styling with hot air, finish off with cool air to get a beautiful glossy shine!

#9: Don’t Twist It!: Hair is fragile not only when wet so be careful with how it’s styled. Try not to tie it too tightly or twist it in a tight plait too often or for too long. If you’re getting it styled in some way or another, do try remove it before you go to bed to avoid stretching the hair for too long.

#10: Night Time: As much as possible, try to avoid going to bed with wet hair. As already mentioned, when hair is wet, it is at its most fragile state and sleeping on it will cause more tangles and knots to appear in the morning. It also might end up looking a bit frizzy and puffy which is not a cute look! 😉

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11 thoughts on “Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair (Part 2)

  1. I need tips for beautiful, healthy hair, so this is great! That’s so true about touching your hair a lot can produce more oils in your hair. I already am like an oily goose, so I need to make sure I don’t add more oils 🙂

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  2. Great tips! People shampoo hair way too often, I really don’t even know where people find the patient and time to do it every single day (shudder).
    My problem is I tend to touch my hair during the day, really must stop doing that!
    xxx Anne

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