What’s in My Bag? (Daytime #1)

Hey Everyone!

It’s finally Friday! πŸ˜€

Today I’m going to be showing you what I’ve currently got in my everyday handbag:

What's in my Bag?

What’s in my Bag?

The Bag: Long Champ’s Le PilageΒ tote bag in black. I love this as it’s super lightweight so it’s comfortable to run around with during the day. As it’s the large size, it’s extra spacious for all the stuff I need to carry around with me.

Right, so let’ start with the necessities. Firstly, I’ve got my car and house keys, my purse and mobile phone. Without these, I’d definitely be lost! I also carry my sunglasses around with me everywhere as it’s sunny nearly everyday here, and also my regular glasses. My eyesight isn’t too bad, but I definitely need these with me at all times, just in case!

I also always carry with me a couple of toiletries.Β Here, I’ve got me anti-bacterial hand wipes, tissues and hand moisturiser. I also always seem to have a tampon running around in every bag I have! You never know!

Now, on to some make up for touch ups! I don’t really carry much around with me. Just enough for a quick touch up when I’m running about. I love my Maybelline Fit Me Powder as I can fit a small sponge in the compact and this is great for reducing shine or covering up areas of my face where my foundation may have come off. I’m also carrying around with me a stick blusher from Make Up Revolution. These are great as they can be easily applied gently with the finger tips so there’s no need to keep a sponge or brush in your bag.

I’ve also got my beloved Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard – just in case I’ve got a bit of redness, and about two lipsticks or glosses. Currently I have MAC’s Jubilee (a light peachy-brown) and NYX’s butter gloss in Merengue (a bright pink). These two lip products are just amazing! No need for me to go into how much I love MAC lipsticks, but in general, I really am not too fond of glosses, but I just love how pigmented and buttery these ones from NYX are.

Other items running around: a lip balm, hair clips & a biro (how do these always get ‘lost’?) post its (with shopping lists) and receipts thrown in and forgotten from grocery shopping!

So that’s what I’m more or less carrying around me with at the moment!

What about you? Would love to see what you’ve got! (yes, I’m a curious one!)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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