My Sigma Brushes

I love make-up brushes! Not only do they help make up application to be so much easier, but they can also look so luxurious which makes the whole make-up application process more enjoyable.

About a year ago, I was always hearing about Sigma brushes and just had to get my hands on a few of them.

My collection, although quite small, are very well loved and well used.

Introducing to you, my Sigma Large Powder F20 brush, the Tapered Highlighter F35 brush and the Blending E36 brush.

Sigma Brushes

Sigma Brushes

  • Sigma Large Powder F20 brush: I am in love with this brush! I really like that it’s a big fluffy brush as this makes powder application all over the face so easy to apply. Best of all, it’s super soft and feels great on the skin. Made with synthetic hairs, this brush still looks brand new after over a year of constant use and cleaning. At £23.95, it doesn’t come cheap but it’s well worth it if you’re looking for a large face brush of very good quality.
  • Tapered Highlighter F35 brush: This is just great for applying highlighter, especially at the top of the cheekbones. It’s tapered tip makes it very easy to apply, and the lightness of the synthetic bristles also ensure just the right about of product is applied. It has a very soft and feathery feel to it that also easily enables effortless blending. At the time of purchase, this retailed for about £19.50.
  • Blending E36 brush: This small eye brush is made of natural hairs and enables easy blending of powder eye shadows. I generally prefer using fluffier blending brushes, however this really does a good job of blending in colours and defining the crease. That being said, I am still set on trying out the E40 blending brush as I’ve heard such great things about it! Does anyone have it? This sold for about £11.50 when I got it.
Sigma Brushes

Sigma Brushes

From the picture above you can better see the bristles – all super soft and fluffly. These feel like a dream on your face.

Sigma Brushes

Sigma Brushes

I am just love the packaging of these. The glossy black handles, with silver ferrules and brush name and number. These definitely look and feel luxurious so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth when you purchase these.

Also, very important is that all these dry very well after they have been washed, even the natural haired E36 blending brush.

While Sigma may not be my number one choice for make up brushes, they still are one of my all-time favourites and are definitely worth the investment if you’re looking into purchasing these.

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26 thoughts on “My Sigma Brushes

    • Yes they really are! Ohh I love my Zoeva ones! I wish I had an exact replica of these to really compare. However, based on what I have I’d say that they are quite on par.
      The look and feel of the Zoeva ones are just as luxurious and pretty. The bristles are also very very good – quite similar.

      The only thing I’d say is that my Sigma brush with natural hairs frays out a bit less after being washed than my Zoeva ones. For my Zoeva, natural haired brushes I feel like I definitely need a brush guard on and for the Sigma one, there may be slightly less of a need. That being said, for the price, I would still choose Zoeva first.

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  1. My one an only Sigma brush is the E36 blending brush since it’s quite different shape than what’s offered in the market. It’s pretty nice – I’m not wowed. I’m undecided if I will get any more Sigma brushes in the future.

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