Blushers from NYX

Apart from lipsticks, blushers are my other make up obsession! I like a full coverage foundation so I feel that I need blush to add dimension to my face. Also, in Winter I am extremely pale so I need them to give me colour!

I think NYX really is a great brand! It’s probably one of my favourite drug store brand as I think the quality you get is rather decent for the price you pay. When it comes to blushers, the one’s from NYX are definitely my favourites when it comes to the lower end price range.

I don’t have a very large selection of NYX blushers but these were the ones that really caught my eye when I was at the store.

NYX Blushers: Bottom Left: Angel, Top Left: Peach, Top Right: Cinnamon & Bottom Right: Terracotta

NYX Blushers: Bottom Left: Angel, Top Left: Peach, Top Right: Cinnamon & Bottom Right: Terracotta

Packaging: These are quite standard really. I wouldn’t really expect much for the price though. I like how the lid is see-through so you can easily see what colour you have. However, the shade name can also be found on the base of the packaging. The lid closes securely and the container itself doesn’t take up too much space.

NYX Blushers: Angel, Peach, Cinnamon & Terracotta

NYX Blushers: Bottom Left: Angel, Top Left: Peach, Top Right: Cinnamon & Bottom Left: Terracotta

Texture:  All are very buttery for powder blushers and are highly pigmented! Super blendable and easy to apply.

NYX Blushers: Angel, Peach, Cinnamon & Terracotta

NYX Blushers: Left to Right: Angel, Peach, Cinnamon & Terracotta

Shades from Left to Right:

  • Angel: This shade is just so pretty! It’s a very subtle peachy-pink that gives a beautiful glow to the skin.
  • Peach: Not sure why this is called ‘Peach’ and it’s quite a vibrant pink in my opinion! It’s a cute barbie pink that’s not too bright, but gives the perfect pink cheek.
  • Cinnamon: This is my most favourite one! It may look a bit scary in the pot but it applies so beautifully to the skin! That being said, this needs to be applied with a light hand as it’s extremely pigmented. I love this colour especially in Spring and Summer. A totally gorgeous and unique colour!
  • Terracotta: This is a very pretty bronzed colour that’s quite subtle, yet impactful. Great for quickly warming up the complexion if you’re on the paler side.

Cost: Being the cost-effective brand that NYX is, these sell for quite a reasonably price. They may vary depending on where you get them but I got these for about €7 each. Quite a bargain I’d say!

Verdict: I really like these! They’re of great quality and the low cost is a bonus. They’re long lasting and in pretty shades, some of which are quite unique. I’ll definitely be getting more from their range in the future.

Which are your favourites?

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22 thoughts on “Blushers from NYX

  1. I adore NYX blushers. I plan to get my paws on more of them! Out of the 4 you featured, I only have Angel and it’s quite subtle. All of the other 3 are on my wish list – I especially want Cinnamon! It’s supposedly a dupe for NARS Taj Mahal blush.

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  2. These look awesome. I’ve never been a huge blush fan but I definitely am drowning more fond of them so I might try to pick some of these up soon. Just curious. What is the name of that palette shown in the very top picture?

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are awesome! 🙂 & so affordable, they’re really worth a try! So sorry, not sure I understood you – which palette are you referring to? The highest blusher – in pink? That’s called ‘Peach’. Let me know if this is what you asked for 🙂 Thanks for stopping by xxx

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