Make up Revolution Liquid Blushers

I’m obsessed with blusher! However, for some reason or another, I always stuck with the powder varieties and never really ventured into the cream and liquid types.

After deciding it was time to try these out, I decided to go for the liquid blushers offered by Make Up Revolution. Having heard so many good things about this brand (particularly from Anne from Doves & Roses) and never having tried it out yet, I just couldn’t wait till I got my hands on these.

They’ve got quite a range on offer but the ones I got were the Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer in shades (Bottom to Top) Heart, Rush & Desire.

Make up Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer

Make up Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquers. Bottom-Top: Heart, Rush & Desire

Packaging: These blushes come in a cute little container with a pump at the top. They’re also see-through so it’s easy to see which colour is which in your collection.


  • Heart: A pretty peachy-coral colour that’s beautiful on so many different skin tones. My favourite of all three!
  • Rush: A vibrant, blue-based baby pink that gives a classic pink cheek.
  • Desire: A deep pink with red undertones that gives a lot of warmth to the skin.

All are extremely pigmented – much more than is seen in the picture below, so a little goes a very long way with these.

Application: These type of blushes are best applied either with a damp beauty blender, a small stippling brush, or else just lightly with your fingers. I much prefer a stippling brush as it gives me a bit more control on the area where I want to apply the blush itself. Also, as these are super pigmented, it ensures not too much colour comes on at once.

Texture: These are thick and creamy, yet at the same time also quite liquid, but not runny. Does that make sense? The below picture will show you what I mean:

Make up Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer

Make up Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquers: L-R: Heart, Rush & Desire

Cost: Can you believe that each one costs only €1.40. Seriously? Talk about amazing value for money. The quality is fantastic and they are crazy pigmented so they’ll last you for ages.

Verdict: I love these! The colours are so pretty and I love how pigmented they are. That being said, do take caution when applying these as only a very small amount is required. Too much and you’re looking like a clown! A tiny amount on a stippling brush will give good results though. They also last for ages without much wear off after a long day.

These come highly recommended! Definitely will be trying more of these in the near future!

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42 thoughts on “Make up Revolution Liquid Blushers

  1. Oh these look great! I haven’t tried these yet, but they are so going on the list! And sorry for enabling you into buying Makeup Revolution, although at least it is ridiciously cheap 🙂
    xxx Anne

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  2. I love blush too but I’m afraid of these… knowing me, I WILL look like a clown! These remind me a lot of the MUFE ones – I’ve heard they’re very pigmented too. When they dry down, what’s the finish like?

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    • Haha the very first time I tried them I did look a bit like a clown lol. I had no idea they would be so pigmented! That being said, you quickly gauge how much product you need to apply to get the effect you want, and if you put too much just dampen it down with some foundation on a sponge/stippling brush. They’re worth trying as they are veryyyy long lasting! When they dry they have a pretty dewy look to them – no creasing or patchiness.

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      • I own only a handful of cream blushes and I never get on with them… my vision of glowy naturally flushed cheeks is met with the reality of my hair STICKING to my cheeks all day long… it’s quite annoying. But then if I powder is to get rid of the dewiness, then it defeats the purpose of a cream blusher to begin with! #firstworldproblems

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