Babyliss Pro Argan Oil

Argan oil really has improved the condition of my hair tremendously. As it’s full of bleach it definitely needs a lot of care and I’ve found that Argan oil is one of the best things I can use for this.

Always on a mission to find the best possible product that works best for me, I tried the Babyliss Pro Argan Oil after the one I was using finished. This is said to be derived from Moroccan Argan Trees.

Babyliss Pro Argan Oil

Babyliss Pro Argan Oil

Packaging: A 100ml reddish-brown plastic bottle that comes with a black screw cap on top.

Scent: The smell of this is just incredible! An intense smell of a delicious blend of cocoa, vanilla and exotic spices.

Texture: This oil is relatively thick so only a very small amount is needed when applied on the hair.

Application: It’s best to start off with a very small amount and then slowly build up if need be. I put a small drop in the palm of my hands and distribute it evenly at the ends of my hair and in any dry areas.

Too much and this will quickly make your hair look greasy an weigh it down. It’s not recommended to apply this on the scalp unless you have extreme damage or dryness.

Cost: For Argan Oil, a 100ml bottle costing €15 (including shipping) is quite reasonable. Also, as such a small amount is needed, this will last for quite a long time. This was purchased from

Verdict: I like this, it’s a very good product, however it’s not my favourite Argan Oil that I’ve tried so far. I don’t like that it can leave a greasy look and feel if you’ve applied too much, and although it does moisturise effectively, I still won’t be replacing it with the Milk_Shake Argan Oil. That being said, it definitely is worth trying out of you’re looking for an effective, yet affordable Argan oil.

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