Recent Empties: Repeat Buy or Move on? #2

Another round of empties! Don’t you just love clearing up shelf space (despite the fact that it will be refilled soon afterwards?!)

So, on to my recent empties list:

Recent Empties

  • Boots Dry ShampooThis is a bit of a tricky one! On one hand, I love how super effective this is. It instantly eliminates any oil in seconds without need for much product and it’s extremely cheap.  However, it also has a bit of an odd smell – too strong! Plus it really creates a log of fog when sprayed so not too sure if this is too healthy to be using. That being said, the verdict is in. Verdict: Repeat Buy.
  • Label M Leave-In Conditioner: This was ok overall. It definitely moisturised my hair, however if a bit too much was applied it left the hair feeling and looking a bit crispy if you get what I mean (like it was gelled). Personally, I really don’t like that. Since, I’ve used more effective leave-in conditioners that haven’t changed the hair’s texture, I’m going to have to say that this will not be on my shelves again. Verdict: Move on.
  • Trilogy Instant Bronzing Self-Tanning Gel: Being in great need of using self-tanners nearly all year round, I tried some organic ones to reduce some of those nasty parabens. While I did not find this extremely effective at self-tanning my body (it just gives a subtle bronzed glow + most tanners don’t keep on my skin for some reason), it definitely gave me a great tan on the face. It’s only the only self-tanner so far that hasn’t caused my skin to break out. Verdict: Repeat Buy.
  • Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Eye Cream: I admit, I can be a bit lazy with eye creams, so I did not use this frequently. This could explain why I didn’t really such much benefit from it. However, I am also a bit sceptical on the effectiveness of eye creams. In any case, should I decide to try out another one, it would not be this as it didn’t really leave much of an impression for me. Verdict: Move On.
  • Milk_Shake Glistening Argan Oil: I can’t stress enough how much I loved this! It made my dry hair instantly look and feel moisturised and healthy again. I love the smell and how little product needed to be applied to be effective. It also never made my hair greasy or weighed it down. Verdict: Repeat Buy.
  • Dove Go Fresh Anti-Antiperspirant Spray: I used to love this! With a lemongrass and grapefruit scent it’s nice and fresh, and citrus smells are always a winner for me. Highly effective too. However, for the past year or so, I have stopped using antiperspirants and moved on to deodorants (yes, it’s been on my shelf for that long!). They might not be as effective but I believe they are the healthier option. For this reason only, I will not be repurchasing. Verdict: Move On.
  • Body Shop’s Moringa Body Butter: I got this as part of a set of 5 in some Christmas set they had on offer. Of all the scents there were, this was my least favourite (even though it was still very nice). It moisturised my skin beautifully and left it looking nice and healthy. However, I would give this a miss next time due to the amount of nicer scents that are available. This however, is subject to personal preference. Verdict: Move On.

Have you tried any of these? What do you think of them?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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20 thoughts on “Recent Empties: Repeat Buy or Move on? #2

  1. I have a mini of the Body Shop Moringa Body Butter waiting to be used – I might just use it for hand cream since it’s got such a strong fragrance.
    It’s good that you have a mix of things you’ll repurchase – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 🙂
    I just did my empties post today too – great minds think alike.

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