Silver Shampoos: L’Oréal & Milk_Shake

I love my silver shampoos  (or purple/blue as some prefer to call them). With all my light blonde highlights, I find them a necessity to have. They keep my hair colour looking fresher and more cool toned which is just the way I like it.

Yet, I haven’t experimented much with these type of shampoos and I’ve come across these two that I really love. However, I’m set on trying some others I’ve been eyeing so that I can decide which works best.

My two current favourites: L’Oréal’s Serie Expert & Milk_Shake’s Silver Shampoos.

Purple Shampoos - L'Oréal & Milk_Shake

Silver Shampoos – L’Oréal & Milk_Shake

L’Oréal Serie Expert – I’ve been using this for many many years! After having tried their purple shampoo for blonde hair, I opted for this as it was a lot more intense and more effective.

This 250ml bottle retails for around €15.00 and packs a serious punch when it comes to its product colour. A very deep purple shampoo with a texture that is a lot thicker than the Milk_Shake one, and removes brassiness and yellow tones quite effectively.

It’s important to point out that this product recommends carrying out a test patch before using.

Purple Shampoos - L'Oréal & Milk_Shake

Silver Shampoos – L’Oréal & Milk_Shake

Milk_Shake – Having been loyal to L’Oréal for many years, I decided to try this as I needed an alternative that was sulfate free due to my kertatin treatment. After loving the silver shampoo from L’Oréal for so long, I now was impressed to find one that was even better and more effective.

This 300ml bottle retails for around €12 and has a very smooth and light texture in comparison to the one from L’Oréal. Its colour is a little bit lighter and resembles a royal blue a bit more than a purple per se.

This just seems to work a lot better on my hair – it brightens it even further and really leaves my hair with a nice crisp ‘clean’ looking blonde colour. If you leave in too long (a couple of minutes – 3-5mins or so), you can get a slight blue tint but that doesn’t bother me as its not permanent and I don’t mind that look at all.

Even better, it’s sodium laureth sulfate free – bonus! Also containing milk proteins and fruit extracts I find it leaves my hair feeling a lot softer and conditioned than the other one.

Purple Shampoos - L'Oréal & Milk_Shake

Purple Shampoos – L’Oréal & Milk_Shake

Both shampoos are great however after having tried the Milk_Shake one, I think I’ll be sticking to this for a while.

Side Note: These type of shampoos are not only formulated for blonde hair but also for hair that is grey. They neutralise any brassy tones and leave the hair looking brighter and more vibrant. They have been said to dry out the hair with frequent use and so should not be the only shampoo you use. I do use regular shampoos but personally, have not found these to dry out my hair.

Do you use silver shampoos? Which are your favourites?

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10 thoughts on “Silver Shampoos: L’Oréal & Milk_Shake

  1. Oh great post! I have been considering trying one of these silver shampoos to get rid of the brassy shine on my hair, they both sound really nice 🙂 Love the purple color of the product as well 🙂
    xx Anne

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  2. The Simple Beginner says:

    I’ve never really tried purple shampoo before and just thought it’d be for those with blonde hair people. I did dye my hair (end bits like an ombre effect) some time ago but didn’t know what shampoos I’d use or just the ones you’d buy in supermarkets. But reading about this sounds pretty cool. I might check these out and see how the colour on my hair goes 🙂

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    • Purple shampoos might be worth trying out if your hair is ombre 🙂 As the light bit is on the ends, there will be most water concentrated there so the effect won’t be too strong (unless u really squeeze out the water) so if you see brassiness, give them a go, it will lighten back in no time!

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