Zoeva’s ‘Love Is A Story’ Eye Shadow Palette

So, about two weeks ago, I went a little bit crazy on the Zoeva website and treated myself to their gorgeous eye shadow palettes! As promised, I’ll be testing and reviewing a palette a week and today I’ll be starting of with the Love is a Story’ palette.

Zoeva's 'Love Is A Story' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘Love Is A Story’ Eye Shadow Palette

Packaging: Like all their other palettes, these come in a 1.5g cardboard palette that opens upright, closes magnetically and comes in a sleeve that’s identical in design to the palette itself. The intense violet colour combined with metallic pink text and design makes up such a pretty palette that’s sleek, stylish, girly and fun – love it!

Zoeva's 'Love Is A Story' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘Love Is A Story’ Eye Shadow Palette

Shades: The colours on the inside are no let down either! I think that this palette offers such an original combination of shades that create such pretty looks when used together. From neutral bronze and gold shades, to bright shimmery purples and turquoise to deep olive green and metallic blue – stunning!

In more detail:

Top Row, Left to Right:

  • Film Star – A matte white shade, great as a base or for highlighting the brow bone.
  • Affair – A gorgeous champagne colour with a slight shimmer – love using this as a base and highlighter too.
  • Past Romance – A shocking bright purple that’s full of pretty shimmer particles.
  • Man with a Plan – A pretty deep metallic purple that’s super for a smoky eye.
  • Ladylike – A stunning turquoise that’s super bright and pigmented. Love this especially for lining the lower lash line.

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

  • Over You – A matte soft brown: the perfect crease and transition shade.
  • Little Kiss – An intense and shimmery copper shade: beautiful for the inner corner or on the lid itself.
  • Old Fashioned – An intense and deep purple shade: perfect for defining the outer v.
  • Flirt – Another colour I don’t normally see in a typical palette: a matte muted forest green.
  • Mystery Date – A highly pigmented and shimmery dark blue that’s stunning.

Formula: A mix of shimmery, matte and satin shades can be found in here and all are very pigmented without too much fall out.

Zoeva's 'Love Is A Story' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘Love Is A Story’ Eye Shadow Palette

Cost: At this point in time, all Zoeva palette sell for €17.50. Considering the product quality and pigmentation offered, these are definitely very well-priced and worth trying.

Verdict: I really loved using this all week! It got me out of my comfort zone and helped me to move away from the usual neutral shades, to more colourful and vibrant shades that I normally don’t use.

Which shade is your favourite?

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20 thoughts on “Zoeva’s ‘Love Is A Story’ Eye Shadow Palette

  1. Oh very pretty! Love Old fashioned (dark purple) and mystery date (dark blue), but all colors look great. Pigmentation is very decent as well, another great Zoeva product 🙂
    xx Anne

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh yes you definitely must – they sell for a good price so worth a try. Love the neutrals too. Not so much into bright shades for eyes but i have to admit i quite liked these afterall. If you like nudes, you’ll love the Cocoa Blend, Smoky and Rose Gold palettes! Reviews soon 🙂


  2. Lovely! I was waiting for you to review these, but I was pretty much AWOL last week. Catching up! This looks like a really fun palette, but not quite my style… if the colours are bright, they better be full of frost, or else I’d rather go with something closer to nudes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 🙂 They’re coming one by one, every week 🙂 Not really my type of colours too however i found myself always sticking to neutrals so i really wanted to get outside my comfort zone! The Retro Future ones are quite frosty 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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