Whipped Cream Intense Moisture with Milk_Shake

Picture this: Whipped Cream, a delicious Vanilla Milk Shake….and extreme moisture for your hair. Is that even possible you say? Well, read on…

For those of you that don’t know, I am a huge fan of the Milk_Shake brand. I find it offers the ideal hair care range for those who have thick, dry, damaged or colour-treated hair. I am telling you, these products get the job done.

The very first product I ever tried, which is also my all-time favourite leave-in conditioning product ever, is the Milk_Shake Whipped Cream Leave-in Foam.

Milk_Shake's Whipped Cream Leave-in Foam

Milk_Shake’s Whipped Cream Leave-in Foam

Packaging: A 200ml can that contains the same type of nozzle that a can of whipped cream would have. This will last you for quite a few months even with regular use.

Scent: The majority of the Milk_Shake range smell great, but this one really seals the deal. A super sweet and intense creamy vanilla milk shake kind of scent. It can be a bit sickly for some, but for me, it’s a burst of deliciousness! That being said, the scent eventually wears off once applied.

Texture: Just like a regular whipped cream, this come out light and fluffy. Yet a small amount is enough to cover a good amount of hair so you need not apply too much.

Milk_Shake's Whipped Cream Leave-in Foam

Milk_Shake’s Whipped Cream Leave-in Foam

Application: Give the bottle a good shake first, then press the nozzle gently. A lot of product can come out quite quickly, and the product does grow once sprayed out, so press with caution – you don’t need so much at a go. Also, as this is so moisturising, it may be best to avoid the crown of the head to avoid oiliness too quickly – leave it for the ends. Best applied on clean, damp hair.

Cost: Locally, I can get this for about €12 from my hair salon. Given the length of time this lasts, and how effective it is for nourishing dry hair, I’d say it’s definitely one worth trying out.

Verdict: This product is advertised for all hair types, however it is extremely nourishing so I would imagine that it might make very fine hair get greasy quickly. That being said, if a small amount is applied then this can probably be avoided.

Containing milk proteins, this helps to improve the hair structure and leaves it feeling deeply conditioned. It also claims to help preserve hair colour. However, as I have bleach highlights and not dye, I cannot comment on this.

That being said, it most definitely makes the hair feel extremely soft and healthy. I’ve seen a big difference in the condition of my hair with this. I do have some dry parts due to the bleach and this has improved them immensely. It’s also great at eliminating any tangles effortlessly. Definitely a great buy!

Have any of you tried this or any other Milk_Shake products? What are your thoughts on them?

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