Simple’s Illuminating Radiance Cream

For a very long time, I had completely forgotten about this brand. I considered it to be something I used in my early teens and never went back to it. However, after trying out their BB Cream and absolutely loving it, I thought I’d give some of their products another go.

So during my last shopping trip to the supermarket, I picked up the Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream in the hope that it would give me a beautiful glow and make my make up appear more dewy and fresh. Infused with multi-vitamins, skin-loving ingredients and reflecting minerals for capturing light onto the skin, as well SPF 15, I couldn’t wait to try it out and put it to the test.

Simple's Illuminating Radiance Cream

Simple’s Illuminating Radiance Cream

Packaging: A 50ml bottle that comes with a pump at the top with a plastic cap over that. Although a lower budget beauty brand, the packaging looks quite sleek. Just one click of the pump and you’re left with a rather generous amount of product – a good amount for application on the face and neck as suggested.

Scent & Texture: As with all products from Simple, this is very lightly fragranced so as not to irritate even the most sensitive of skins. When pumped out, it appears rather thick, yet it blends in and is absorbed into the skin rather effortlessly, leaving your skin feeling soft, light and delicately moisturised.

Application: It is recommended that this is used in the morning on clean skin. To be applied all over the face and neck with your fingertips in upward and outward movements so that it is easily blended into the skin.

Simple's Illuminating Radiance Cream

Simple’s Illuminating Radiance Cream

Cost: Obviously this varies from various sellers, but I got this for around €13 from my local supermarket. I’m quite sure that this can be purchased for a lot less online though (pity about shipping costs).

Verdict: I have to say, I was really disappointed with this. I felt like it did absolutely nothing for my skin at all, apart from leaving it deeply moisturised. I did not see any glow or illuminating properties, and felt that this was nothing more than a moisturising cream. It did however make my skin look nice and subtle, so it might be beneficial for those with dry skin, yet this is not really the main purpose of the cream itself.

I definitely will keep using this until it’s finished, however for my next purchase, I believe that something more on the lines of MAC’s Strobe cream will do the trick. Have any of you tried this? Would you recommend it?

Anyone have a different experince with this product?

14 thoughts on “Simple’s Illuminating Radiance Cream

  1. I own this myself and felt the same as you – I wasn’t sure about it on it’s own, but I’ve tried mixing it with other products and i’ve been getting better results! I’ve tried mixing it with foundation and it seems to add a more dewy look to the skin, maybe give that a try too! 🙂

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  2. Too bad! I guess illuminating products usually have mica or shimmer in them to boost the reflective properties? I’ve tried a primer like that and it was just ok. Maybe give MAC Strobe cream a try – I had that and I quite liked it.

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  3. Cosmetic companies have got to be more careful when they use the word ‘illuminating’. I would’ve understood before that it only meant “hydrating that can maybe make skin look a little brighter”, but highlighters and illuminators have changed the name game.


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