Zoeva’s ‘Rodeo Belle’ Eye Shadow Palette

One great thing about my recent Zoeva eye shadow haul is that I’m constantly experimenting with new eye make up colours and looks that I’ve never tried before! Next in line to be reviewed is the Rodeo Belle Eye Shadow palette!

Zoeva's 'Rodeo Belle' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘Rodeo Belle’ Eye Shadow Palette

Packaging: The same as all the other eye shadow palettes from Zoeva (at this point in time). A lightweight 1.5g cardboard palette that opens upright and closes magnetically. The palette itself is packaged within a sleeve that’s identical in design to the palette itself.

This design for this palette is one of the least interesting ones from the whole set in my opinion – a mix of earthy colours that are blurred altogether. That being said, the colours found inside are a lot more interesting.

Zoeva's 'Rodeo Belle' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘Rodeo Belle’ Eye Shadow Palette

Shades: This palette also consists of ten shades that are a mix of both shimmery and matte. The range of colours is rather varied, ranging from some basic neutrals to intense blues, greens and red.

Like with the others, each palette has themed shades that correspond with the particular theme of the palette itself. Check out these cool names:

Top Row, Left to Right:

  • Early Sunrise: A pale peachy matte colour that’s perfect for the base.
  • Rodeo Ready: A medium toned brown that matte and makes a great, natural transition shade.
  • Cactus Flower: A really pretty muted pink matte colour. Lovely for a soft eye make up look or also as a transition shade.
  • Western Diva: An intense and shimmery dark brown with gold specks in it.
  • Bang Bang: This colour is super! An intense red wine colour with a hint of pink and a slight shimmer.

Bottom Row, Right to Left:

  • Yee Haw!: A highly shimmery medium toned blue.
  • Hot Wind: A gorgeous shimmery green – perfect for a spring look.
  • Smoking Gun: Another shimmery blue yet more intense and deeper that Yee Haw!
  • Day Money: A deep matte blue that’s a great alternative to a different type of smoky eye.
  • Deadshot: Highly shimmery and intense – a deep purple with pink specks in it.
Zoeva's 'Rodeo Belle' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘Rodeo Belle’ Eye Shadow Palette

Formula: The formula of these shadows are great! They’re all highly pigmented shades and don’t leave much fall out. With the darker shades, less is definitely more and need the excess to be tapped off before application, yet I find you can get away with this with the lighter shades. A well balanced mix of both matte and shimmer shades.

Cost: All Zoeva palettes retail for €17.50. Very reasonably priced for the number of shades available and definitely worth experimenting with.

Verdict: Although not my favourite from the whole set, it is still a pretty palette with interesting shades. Of course, I love the neutrals, especially that gorgeous matte pink! The green is also really lovely yet the red and blues are definitely new shades for me. I spent some time trying to experiment with them but am yet to feel fully confident in such shades. However, they’re great for small details like lining or the outer corners.

What are your thoughts on this palette? 

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13 thoughts on “Zoeva’s ‘Rodeo Belle’ Eye Shadow Palette

  1. A bit too many blues in this palette for normal use but all the shades on that top row are very usable! The formula of these look very nice even just judging from photos / swatches. 🙂 Can’t wait to get my paws on some Zoeva goodies one day!

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