Zoeva’s ‘Mixed Metals’ Eye Shadow Palette

We’re half way with these beautiful eye shadow palettes from Zoeva!  I’ve been loving them all, especially getting to try out new colours that I haven’t normally used. However, the next four to come are probably my favourites (including ‘Naturally Yours which was reviewed a couple of months ago)

The next palette I’ll be reviewing is Zoeva’s ‘Mixed Metals’ palette.

Zoeva's 'Mixed Metals' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘Mixed Metals’ Eye Shadow Palette

Packaging: All current Zoeva eye shadow palettes are lightweight, sleek, yet quite sturdy. Weighing in at just 1.5g, these cardboard palettes open upright and close magnetically. The palette itself is also packaged within a sleeve that’s identical in design to the palette itself.

This design for this palette is quite pretty – simple, yet interesting. It has gorgeous specs of metallic gold and silver which tie in nicely to the palette name.

Zoeva's 'Mixed Metals' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘Mixed Metals’ Eye Shadow Palette

Shades: A beautiful mix of 10 shades (all shimmers, except 1) ranging from soft pinks and purples, to greens and grey. Perfect for soft and beautiful make up looks for any eye colour.

Top Row, Left to Right:

  • Alloy: A mid-tone muted purple shade. Beautiful as a soft base colour.
  • Neo Brass: A gorgeous yellow-based light green, with gold particles in it.
  • Bronce: A muted mid-tone green.
  • Rusty Steel: A gorgeous bronze shade.
  • Copper Plate: An intense red-tone copper shade that;s just gorgeous. One of my favourites!

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

  • Warm Silver: A pretty pale pink colour – perfect as a base or for the inner corners.
  • Platinum: This looks dark in the pan, but when blended out, it becomes a beautiful, shimmery champagne shade.
  • Ore Stone: The most gorgeous shimmery aqua blue I ever seen!
  • Aluminum: An intense, shimmery grey.
  • Onyx: An intense deep black colour. The only matte shade in the palette.
Zoeva's 'Mixed Metals' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘Mixed Metals’ Eye Shadow Palette

Formula: All shades in this palette are super pigmented. There is some fall out, but nothing too crazy. They last quite well, however applying an eye primer will ensure that last that little bit longer. Zoeva have both pearl and matte eye primers, (for both shimmer and matte shades respectively) that work brilliantly and really intensify eye shadow colour and keep it on for that little bit longer.

Cost: Selling for €17.50 on the Zoeva website, and getting 10 shades of good quality pigment. Definitely worth checking out.

Verdict: This palette is just gorgeous! I love the pretty, soft pastel and earthy-toned shades. I feel that this palette has shades that really accentuate all eye colours with both the warm-toned and cool-toned shades.

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    • Yup their brushes are raved about and with good reason! I like their make up too, although the range isn’t very extensive I think that what they offer is good quality. The blushers are extremely pigmented and the eye shadow palettes are so varied 🙂 Thanks for reading xx

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